Chances are, You are sitting on a goldmine of awesome settings if you just knew how to decipher them. Do you understand your car’s climate control system, or do you just push buttons randomly until the air feels more comfortable? The controls on a new air conditioning unit can be a little confusing at first, it might even look like another language to those who haven’t had a system before. Automatic mode is usually depicted as a circle of arrows, sometimes with the letter ‘A’ inside. This mode is known to reduce power and electricity consumption. The Air Purifying Icon indicates that the Air Purifying unit (optional accessory) is … This article is here to explain some of the functions you’ll likely encounter. The first one is pretty easy. It is usually marked by a bicep symbol, an arrow that indicated motion, or simply by ‘turbo’. Aaron is unashamed to be a native Clevelander and the proud driver of a Hyundai Veloster Turbo (which recently replaced his 1995 Saturn SC-2). The symbol is usually similar to the vertical button but rotated 90 degrees. AUTO Mode COOL Mode DRY Mode HEAT Mode How to change from cooling mode to heating mode or heating to cooling. This feature is usually represented by a fan symbol and enables the built-in fan of the unit to provide the air, although at the expense of lower cooling capacity. It should look like a circle with a slit in it, and it’s the universal symbol for On/Off. Properly running your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system requires an understanding of the symbols on those dashboard buttons. However, though your air conditioner brand isn’t included, it is possible some symbols of other air conditioner are shared with that brand and therefore it can clean up your questions. Air Conditioning Symbols Meaning. These icons (Energy Reclaim and Bypass) indicate the current ventilation mode (Heat Reclaim Ventilator only). This article should help to demystify the functions of your air conditioning unit. Get in touch with us today. Added on July 1, 2020 Aaron Widmar air conditioning, car symbols explained, climate control system, meaning of dashboard No Comments Your Car’s Air Conditioning Button Symbols Explained Car Air Conditioning Symbols Meaning What Does The Mean Mode Air Conditioner? Click here to learn about what the different headlight symbols mean. Here are the remote control symbols for the different operation modes. After all, it’s almost like all the other buttons in the remote are redundant – much like all those aircon symbols we see on the screen of the remote. It’s available in hot and cool modes. The speed at which the air conditioning unit’s fan blows is usually indicated by a row or a stack of bars, the more bars, the faster the fan speed. Common Air Conditioning Setting Symbols Let’s start with the most common of all: The first is the universal symbol that means “Turn on or turn off the machine”, while the Plus and Minus buttons raise or lower ambient temperature. Fan Speed. He gleefully utilizes his background in theater, literature, and communication to dramatically recite his own articles to nearby youth. There exist in the market ... kinds and series, we will focus on the most common and used ones in air conditioning market. Properly running your vehicle’s air conditioning, Tips to effectively clean an accessible van or other vehicle. This function is often depicted as a rotating set of bars, sometimes with an indicative arrow. You probably have one on your TV remote as well. Automatic Mode Also relatively straight forward, these buttons control ambient room temperature. You can have a more pleasant living space with these functions. As you’d expect plus is more, minus is less. Air conditioner symbols meaning. Fan Speed. Mechanical Ventilation | What option is best for you? Horizontal air swing is similar to a vertical air swing, however, the function affects the horizontal axis. Have you taken a good look at a modern AC thermostat? It’s a scorching hot day, and you want to put your new system to the test… but when you pick up the remote, you can barely read it! Air conditioner modes explained. What to Know Before Buying a Wheelchair-Accessible Van: 5 important features. Ok, so you’ve just had a brand new air conditioning unit installed. Mr. Widmar happily resides in Dayton, Ohio with his magnificent wife, Vicki, but is often on the road with her exploring new destinations.