At least one valid email address is required. You have to stay on top of turning the pizza for even cooking. Rather than chasing extremely high temperatures and rapid cooking times, you can embrace styles of pizza that are well-suited to the constraints of your home oven. In recent years this has been supplanted by the baking steel. 10. If you’re new to the outdoor pizza craze, this Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit from Only Fire is a good place to start. “Ten years ago, if you wanted to cook real Neapolitan-style pizzas, you had to build your own oven. There are three main types of outdoor pizza ovens based on its fuel sources: wood-fired, electric, and gas. But I’d be lying if I said the pandemic didn’t have me seriously considering the question. This award winning accessory is designed with a domed oven top, rear vents and a double layered ceiling to mimic the heating patterns of a true wood fired brick oven. It does take up a little more horizontal space, however, and the Roccbox may offer better portability (especially if you buy the optional cover/carrying case, ideal for taking your pizza party on the road). One difficulty compared to a restaurant-size oven is that the sight lines are more challenging, so that if you’re not careful it’s easy to burn the back edges of the crust that face the flames. The general consensus among Pizza Speakeasy regulars is that while the Roccbox outperforms past Ooni models, the greater size of the Koda 16 offers real advantages. Like others in the group, Nico suggests trying your hand at the very on-trend Detroit-style pizza, which boasts a rectangular thick crust with crispy cheese walls at the edges. “They’re incredible.” At just over $30, they’re a very affordable way to elevate your home pizza game. Nico Galoppo, a frequent host of Pizza Speakeasy, also often cooks on steel rather than his outdoor oven because he can make bigger pizzas. Inspired by the famous brick ovens of Italy, the Artisan Pizza Oven 60 accessory cooks the perfect artisan pizza. My favorite is Neo-Neapolitan, which is closer to NY-style with some Neapolitan influence.” With his steel and his 550° oven, he’s getting exactly the results he wants. In normal times, I have access to such an abundance of excellent pizza that I’d never bothered cooking it myself. Some portable outdoor pizza ovens have a cooking area as big as 25.2″ x 29.6″ like the Thor Wood-Fired Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven, while most other portable models have cooking areas approximately 14”. As the name suggests, it’s a stone that you place in your oven to cook pizza on top of, mimicking the deck of a professional pizza oven. With good dough, ingredients, and technique, these ovens make it possible to perfect pies that would be impossible to replicate in your kitchen oven. It’s ¼ inch thick and 16 x 14 inches wide. Commercial pizza ovens reach higher temperatures than typical home ovens and also have heavy decks on which the pizza cooks. “I am so happy with the pizzas coming out of my oven these days, I can’t even tell you.”. Nearly all of us have purchased the 10 x 14-inch pans from Lloyd Pans, a specialty producer in Spokane, Washington. An outdoor, wood-fired pizza cooker that uses wood pellets to heat up in just 10-minutes. Does one ever need to own a $500 portable, flame-driven pizza oven that reaches internal temperatures in excess of 900° Fahrenheit? #1 BakerStone Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Maybe the most stylish and attractive backyard pizza oven on our list and is another favorite for space-saving yumminess. Stationary wood-fired pizza ovens usually have a large cooking area, so if you’re looking for an oven … Scanning the thermometer allows for perfect cooking every time. There are basically two types of wood oven you’ll find in the houses. But let’s say you want to take the party outside or master Neapolitan pizza. It allows you to try out all your favourite recipes. Within a few weeks I was making pies that looked good enough for Instagram and, more importantly, tasted pretty damn good. The thing retains a ton of heat, which radiates into your pizza as soon as you slide it onto the steel. Best Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Use the Pizza oven to bake bread, chicken tenders, shrimp, cookies, pies and much more to perfection. FACTORY DIRECT … Paul Willenberg, one of the founders of what evolved into Pizza Speakeasy, constructed a wood-burning oven in his backyard in 2011 for cooking pizzas and other dishes. Reviews, deals and product news for people who like owning nice things. And awesome. Achieving these tasty results at home is a process of hacking your oven to approximate those conditions. It’s also that I’m fortunate to be friends with a group of pizza-obsessives who host a frequent “Pizza Speakeasy” where, with cocktails and toppings as the price of admission, I got to enjoy some of the best pizza in the city cooked in all kinds of styles.