Where to Get Birdhouses. We love this bizarre design. Birds will bring beautiful songs in spring and be thankful for food in feeders and safe enclosures for nesting. These glass backyard birdhouses are hand blown. An enclosure or feeder attracts feathered friends to your garden and makes your home wildlife-friendly. You may also like these 7 Tutorials for Garden Art Flowers. There are lots of high-design birdhouses on the market – and plenty of the old classics, with updates. Here’s what I used to make these birdhouse backyard decorations: a plain birdhouse; paint; paintbrushes; a saw; a drill and a large forstener bit; a dowel; cedar shims; wood glue; spray sealant; The idea for this project actually came from my mom. Source. (See the picture below). Lauren Thomann. Source. Ceramic backyard birdhouses in the shape of hot air balloons are charming. I made…. Source. The portly Cardinal is a bit of a novelty piece. That’s too small for a starling to … Source. Source. Source. Source. Do you wish your garden could attract more birds? I didn't want water to be able to get in the hole in front so I cut a circle out of a black plastic trash can and glued it over the opening. Another one of the straightforward birdhouses for children to make is created from an old garden hat. Thick sides for insulation are a good idea, and drainage holes keep the interior dry. After all, winter is a lean time for any wild creature. In addition to bringing color to the back yard, birds help with insect control and spread plant seeds miles across the greater landscape. This driftwood birdhouse has the look of a Hobbit house. Simple Backyard Decorating Ideas: Paint A Birdhouse! Walking along the main street, we saw this fabulous birdhouse. Just about every craft store has birdhouses in the section with the other wood surfaces. Different houses attract different birds. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DAP Products Inc. for IZEA. This upcycled trumpet and copper kettle from GadgetSponge on Etsy makes a very cool home for your feathered friends. 29 Pins. Rebbeca Steward No comment. The roof, gable, and porch overhang are all covered with pine shingles. Bed and breakfast, all in one place. Learn about The Spruce Crafts' Editorial Process. Birdhouses Painted 12. Here’re the 28 Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas with tutorials! Hardly a backyard birdhouse, but worth featuring. We’ve got 40 awesome backyard birdhouse designs for your viewing pleasure. 13 DIY Cooler Table Plans to Build for Outdoor Beer, Drinks or Patio Picnic (Free), 14 Square Planter Box Plans Best for DIY (100% Free), 25 River Rock Garden Ideas for Beautiful DIY Designs, Magical Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas & Area Designs, 4 FREE Firewood Rack Plans Built from 2x4s (Two Under $30), Greenhouse SHE Shed – 22 Awesome DIY Kit Ideas, Artistic Water Fountain Sculptures by Malgorzata Chodakowska: unbelievable works in bronze, 20 Head Planter Ideas in Stone, Cement and Concrete. . Source. Nesting Shelf DIY Birdhouse. 22 Bird House Colors and Painting Ideas. This design is the perfect apartment building for Purple Martins. This spring make your own gorgeous bird feeder at a low cost! Paint a plain wooden design to emulate stained glass. Using an old Hills Bros coffee can is a great idea. There’s all kinds of information available online. Yellow Veranda Bird House This one-of-a-kind birdhouse in white features a distinctive wrap-around porch with rear stairs, as well as the traditional front stoop. So be sure to get (or build) the birdhouse that will most attract the birds who live where you do. In 2014, she joined Dotdash as an expert writer, focused on fine jewelry topics. This is cute. It would be neat to use corks you’ve saved from special celebrations. These are great birdhouse ideas – use any plant that you like. This two story floral mosaic birdhouse is highly detailed. Purple Martins nest in colonies – birdhouse apartments. FINELY HANDCRAFTED…. This pink polka-dot teapot makes an incredibly cute backyard birdhouse. Two flower-boxes frame the left-hand side windows and a flower basket hangs over the front porch. All opinions are 100% mine. Enjoy some of the other great landscaping categories while you are here, and thanks for visiting us. Birdhouse Ideas. This natural woven design blends into the surroundings. Creative idea, no? Source. FreshPatio is an online web magazine devoted to showcasing the latest patio designs, garden ideas, outdoor furniture and backyard decor and to reporting on the newest outdoor living trends. Whether you earn handmade birdhouses, wind chimes, or anything between, there’s the potential … This photo gallery features all sorts of decorative bird home with lots of rustic, homemade touches. Source. Source. How to use your fence as birdhouses, a creative idea for happy birds! Source. Source. A gable-covered balcony adorns the front of the house. Check out these super cute homemade bird feeders and enjoy birds chirping all day! Awesome design. Pennies and pebbles – that’s what this charming backyard design is made from. A red letterbox idea – a nod across the pond from your backyard. There are lots of high-design birdhouses on the market – and plenty of the old classics, with updates. Teapots as backyard birdhouses. A colorful mosaic idea with tiles that look like Chiclets. I think you can tell a lot about a gardener’s style by their choice of birdhouse. I thought if we covered a guitar in mosaic the weather couldn't get to the wood. This log cabin birdhouse comes complete with real shingles and a satellite dish. Explore Pandorea...'s photos on Flickr. Source. If you set up the right kind of design – it’s a good bet that the same birds come back to your yard year after year to raise their children. Looking for birdhouse ideas? This is one of the simplest backyard birdhouse ideas. Such a rickety mess – and such a glorious piece of work. Beachcombers Tiki bar birdhouse – for those who are missing the beach. And don’t forget to add a bird bath or other source of water – it’s often difficult for birds to find a drink during the hot summer months. 15 DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas. It was about 5-6 years ago that I was telling everybody that would listen that I wanted to makeover my bathroom. This green roof design will help to keep your feathered friends cool in the summer. Updated 05/05/20.