A leather belt sheath is available as an option. Standard equipment in rose, fruit, nut & grape production, this little knife works with either hand. Blade: 2 in. Budding Knife Strait blade Model # 75-02 Steel so factory sharp it will shave out of the box Curved tip blade Price $23.00 each plus $8.10 shipping* Along with a 2 inch all-purpose blade perfect for light pruning, this tool also includes a 1.25 inch solid brass bark opener. The Victorinox Budding Knife weighs just 2.25 ounces and has red, easy to find nylon handles with standard alloy lining. The Victorinox Budding Knife is a wonderful all-purpose garden tool. Handle: 4 in. Grafting is a delicate business, so all the more reason to be properly equipped. Browse our full stock and find the right knife … And it's made by Victorinox, so you know immediately that this grafting knife is of outstanding quality. Blade is 2" in length with a straight back and a super-sharp double-beveled curved cutting edge. This grafting knife features a 1 3/4" folding budding blade with bark lifer and serrated thumb support, making it extremely comfortable for extended use. Made in Germany. The perfectly balanced Japanese Budding Knife has a stainless steel blade and hardwood handle. If you're looking for a little larger grafting knife, try our Leonard Jumbo Grafting Knife. Budding Knife An attractively styled pro tool for spring gardening, featuring a mahogany-like sapele wood handle and carbon-steel blade. Frostproof Growers supply offers an impressive selection of budding and grafting knives from Tina and Victorinox, makers of the famous Swiss Army knife. Our selection includes bark lifters, all-purpose knives, fruit tree budding knives, left-handed knives, and more.