Her theory presented the patient as a sum of parts with biopsychosocial needs and the mind and body are inseparable and interrelated. In this example, we’re going to imagine that you have been newly appointed the manager of a PizzaHut restaurant. They consider it but not as the most important factor determining the success of the leader. It ensures that healthy and good practices are passed to the new group of nurses. According to Stefanski and Rossler (2009) Use of simulator in nursing training develops skills without compromising patient safety and it also allows novice nurses to work on a critically ill patient. A manager in an organization with a contingency approach may feel pressured to perform because he is responsible for assigning employees different roles within each project. While trait theory and behavioral theory focused primarily on the leader him/herself, situational theory focused on the situation (Antonakis et al., 2004: 152). This is the most important nursing intervention for a nurse to remember. Fiedler's Contingency Theory of leadership says that a leader must be able to identify which management style will help. 1377 Words 6 Pages. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! • Leadership must therefore match needs of the situation (flexibility). Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Sethuraman and Suresh (2014) supported Popa (2012) statement. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? A business that uses the contingency approach can meet tight project deadlines easily. They were the situational theory and contingency theory approaches. The manager may be blamed if a project stalls or misses its deadline. They claimed that the most appropriate leadership style depends on the situation. CRITICAL EVALUATION Furthermore, novice nurses are taught to practice on simulated patients, which may increase their self-efficacy, self-confidence and clinical judgment. Fiedler's Contingency Theory says there is no one best way to manage an organization. MANAGEMENT In a situation where a patient needs an emergency care (a patient with respiratory failure), the nurse will have to rush into action and try to resuscitate the patient instead of trying to seek the opinion of the matron or doctor. • Contingency theory acknowledges that other factors in the environment influence outcomes as much as leadership style and behavior. Professional practice reflects autonomy when the nurse respects patient’s rights to make decisions about their health care” (Taylor, 1997). What Are Examples of a Contingency Approach. Lawrence and Lorsch coined the term who argued that the amount of uncertainty and rate of change in an environment affects the development of internal features in … 5.2 is to ensure that the safety of their clients is not jeopardized by commission or omission of any nursing care activity. The contingency approach also applies to a manager's personality, such as coach-and-mentor, which affects his leadership style and ability to motivate employees. Situational theory and contingency theory. Undoubtedly, it is true that nurses are taught during their nursing programs on simulators but literature says working on simulator does not make them confident enough to providing competent care in life and death situation. Respect the patient 's privacy A business with a contingency approach controls the behavior of its employees through strict job descriptions, which cause it to succeed; without this control, the business may fail. Management helps me, When a patient does not fully comprehend a procedure, how can we as nurses expect them to readily agree to medical interventions blindly? For that reason, a leader cannot be effective in every situation. No one leadership style is applicable in all situations, hence our leaders usually use different leadership style to tackle their day to day situations in the course of their …show more content… Moreover, knowledge, competency and confidence, gain through clinical experience. Trust will be low. More about Examples Of Contingency Theory Of Leadership. Hence contingency theory cannot be overlooked in our profession. Whether the relationship between the leader and the followers is a positive one.