A medium-sized breed, with a white face and wool-free legs.. Lambing is easy and they are excellent mothers.. Top 10 Coopworth Attributes. Coopworth sheep primarily raised for wool.The breed is developed in New Zealand.A cross of Border Leicester and Romney, in the 1950s, resulted in Coopworth.. Coopworth sheep breed information. A large white faced sheep that shed their wool naturally in the spring (no wool on heads, bellies, legs, perineal region and underside of tail). The sheep are free moving, excellent foragers and well-adapted to poor, dry land. Micron Count: TBD Fiber Length: 3"-4" (7-10cm) Preparation: Carded Perendale Sheep Characteristics. The wool characteristics can be somewhat variant, but the Coopworth sliver we carry has been specifically selected for its consistency and quality. The Perendale sheep breed was accepted as an established breed in Australia in 1975. Characteristics: Coopworth sheep are a medium sized, dual purpose, longwool breed, with an alert but quiet disposition. High fertility (twins are normal) and ewes are excellent mothers. Known quantity: Coopworth breeders say recording performance across the breed meant an individual sheep could be measure on up to 21 traits. Perendale sheep are medium to large sized animal. Coopworth sheep are a medium sized, dual purpose, longwool breed, with an alert but quiet disposition, The Coopworth breed of sheep was developed at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand by Professor Ian Coop and colleague Vern Clark during the 1950s and 1960s by crossing Border Leicester rams and Romney ewes, and the best of the resulting progeny were interbred over many years. Characteristics of Wiltshire Sheep. Four of the original Coopworths were CSSNZ registered Pine Park and Alford Park New Zealand Coopworth Sheep, imported by Jonathan May of Timberville, Virginia, in 1979. Difficult births rarely occur and ewes have very strong mothering instincts, seldom leaving their lambs after birth. They stand a bit taller than the NZ Romney and exhibit heavier muscling than the Border Leicester. Coopworth sheep are a breed developed in New Zealand specifically to be very productive and independent. **Wild 'n' Woolly Farm has had sheep since 1983; COOPWORTHS since 1984. Coopworth Society regulations have been formulated to guarantee genetic progress for economically important characteristics. Multiple births are most common and the Coopworth ewe will provide an abundance of milk for her lambs. The Coopworth is known for its productivity and easy care characteristics. However, read some more information about this sheep breed below. Most of the parts resemble Romney sheep-like head, face, and body type. The long face is usually clean with a small topknot or bare head and a slightly Roman nose. Today the breed is popular and available in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Coopworth ewes have excellent mothering ability, and are highly fertile, weaning up to 170% in the commercial situation.