Answer: If you are the payee, when a payment is made to your account, a notification will be sent to the cell phone number or email address given by the recipient/payee at registration. Answer: If the bank receives the payment by 11:30 AM on a regular business day, the funds will be credited to your card on the same day. ELECTRONIC CREDIT TO YOUR PAYCARD (PAYEE/RECEIVER). Answer: You must immediately contact the Republic Bank Limited Call Centre at 1-868-627-3348 or the nearest branch of Republic Bank advising that the card has been lost or stolen. How soon will the receiver get the payment? Once the court orders that monies be paid and received using the CourtPay system, these instructions must be complied with. Replacement cards for lost, stolen or expired cards cost TT$20.00. Answer: Your normal banking criteria will apply. Can I arrange to debit any type of account? The card is activated automatically after funds are loaded unto it. You will be required to supply two (2) forms of valid and current photo Identification. Answer: If the date of deduction falls on a weekend or public holiday, the deduction will automatically shift to the next business day. Special Price TT$1,899.00. Answer: We encourage you to always ensure that your account remains active. Answer: The appropriate attestation methods will be applied for that purpose. Answer: The Terms and Conditions of Use can be found on the Judiciary’s website at (868) 62-TTLAW; (868) 623-6911, Visit, Visit Answer: If the payment is received in the Judiciary’s account by 11:30 AM on a regular business day, the funds will be credited to the receiver’s account by the end of business on the same day. Answer: Balance enquiries are available via any ABM, Answer: Yes. All Rights Reserved. Is there a limit to the withdrawal amount for the Republic Pay Card? If I deposit a lumpsum towards different scheduled payment periods will I be required to pay more than one transaction fee? What if my account does not have sufficient funds to cover the deduction on the date of deduction? (It does not include Credit Unions, Unit Trust or any account that is not held at a commercial bank). What if my account is closed during the term? Answer: Yes. Are any costs applied to the registration process? TCL Smart TV/ 40"/ LED . Check your bank for details. Get Started The future of payments is NOW A Payment Platform For Everyone Every day, we are helping individuals and businesses fulfil their dreams by changing the way we live, work and … Answer: The credit will be made once funds are received on your behalf. Answer: The first issue of the card is FREE. Do I need a bank account to register for or to use CourtPay? If paid into CourtPay Merchant enabled PayOut Card, If paid into CourtPay Closed Loop PayOut Card *, If the payor is paying by Linx Card at CourtPay enabled kiosk, If the payor is paying by Credit Card at CourtPay enabled kiosk or online, If the payor is paying by Direct Debit of payor’s account, If paid into CourtPay Closed Loop PayOut Card*, Visit Answer: A transaction fee is applied to each transaction the Payor undertakes. Any card can be skimmed if you are not careful. Answer: Yes, the Court staff will provide guidance and assist with completing the required forms. What information can I access from my CourtPay account? WiPay Agent Locations Below is the list of agent locations where you can purchase your WiPay Top Ups, CourtPay Top Ups, GovPay Top Ups, Digicel Top Ups and Digicel SIM cards. Answer: You will be required to swear by Statutory Declaration that you are the person named in the court order. What are the terms and conditions for using the CourtPay account? The list shows which services are offered at each location. The application is sent to the bank who issues the card and it will be available for collection three (3) working days after registration at the court location where the application was made. Answer:The deduction will not be processed and the payment will be reflected as outstanding on the Court system. Answer: There is no cost to the receiver (payee) unless the Court orders otherwise. If the bank receives the payment after 11:30 AM on a regular business day, the funds will be credited to the receiver on the following business day. Answer: You should check with your bank or utilise your bank’s online banking facilities if available, to ensure the deduction was made.