Most chicken folk keep their chicken feed outside, where it’s convenient. Maintain the area where the poultry are present in a sanitary manner. If you butcher your birds make sure you do it cleanly. Try to keep a set of chicken clothes separate from your wardrobe. It’s a great educational experience and may be the best route to decide whether or not keeping chickens is for you. This is a big one. Most of them also keep the feed in plastic bins. Do not wash items, such as water or food dishes, from chicken coops in the kitchen sink. Rats can chew through a plastic bin in an hour and feed from it all night. If you have a dog in the family it could be a problem. See your physician if … Dogs love to chase things and chickens are no exception. If she is keeping chickens inside of her house, that is VERY unsanitary and a huge risk to her health. Keep poultry away from food preparation areas. In some cases, keeping a chicken indoors is actually not only feasible but also entertaining. She obviously has impaired judgement. The carcass should not be contaminated by intestinal residue. It's less neighborly to let her stew in chicken … It's not getting "in her business." Keeping chickens out of the garden also helps reduce the risk of Salmonella infection, as does the practice of using chicken manure that has gone through the complete composting process. Do not allow poultry to roam in the house. ... Amongst the most obvious is the need to shut your chickens in at night in order to prevent predation from foxes. Toddlers have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Children under five should be carefully watched. Use them for cleaning the coop and your livestock chores. The University of Idaho offers more information regarding composting of chicken manure pdf icon [PDF – 6 pages] external icon . Problems Keeping Chickens: No-one expects the unexpected, there are potential dangers lurking in the most unexpected of places for the chicken keeper. ... Firstly, it is generally recommended that chickens live in a flock of 3, but if you intend to keep a pet chicken close with you in the house, there are many instances where one chicken will bond closely with a person. Instead, keep your livestock and pet food in steel garbage cans with a tight fitting lid. Many families make chicken keeping a 4H activity which teaches children about keeping and caring for livestock. i think we have an obligation to look out for each other.