You can make ice cream without them, although you need to adjust measurements. David Lebovitz's Roasted Strawberry-Miso Ice Cream Hi all. They just don’t want to consume foods produced by other animals. I think I will enlist my friend Eiko in the search for the correct miso! You made me feel better for not wanting to tinker with your recipes. I’m not vegan, but LOVE ice creams and try to cut my absurdly high double cream consumption and especially glad it uses rice milk, which I much prefer to soy. I like the comments about pairing with both white chocolate and cherry…both sound good, but homemade strawberry ice cream can not be beat, imo. That’s one of the suggestions I included in my post about making homemade ice cream softer, linked at the end of the post. I’m down with the butterscotch hint . My sister Cathy brought this for dessert after dinner at my house. I see this! She has a dairy allergy (NOT lactose intolerance), so I was very happy to see this recipe. There are so many possibilities here. I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, and I like my sugar straight up, sugar. For some reason I have been seeing your blog in a really strange format recently, like there is some problem… is that just me?I haven’t checked the comments thoroughly because it is hard to read them. Right now, I love using it to make puddings. My local organic produce shop just started to stock Isolsa bio rice drink as well. For this ice cream, I puree it just to the point that it’s liquidy, but there are still slight bits of strawberries. You can find more tips at the links below. This sounds great! Irina: I’ve not made rice milk, since it’s pretty easy to buy wherever I’ve lived. Thanks! Thank you! If you want to experiment, you could cut the recipe in half and give it a try to see if it works to your liking. Here is a helpful list of which companies use or don’t use the process: BTW, almond milk dates back a long time; it has a long history of used in the Middle East and Meditterean region as well as in Medieval European cooking on the many Holy Days that forbade dairy. There is a kinako recipe in David’s The Perfect Scoop if you like the taste of powdered soy ice cream. I use a Cuisinart ice cream maker and in making this recipe found that the mixture didn’t thicken as readily as conventional ice creams. (oeufs à la neiges??!!!). Fantastic point about the water in strawberries. I’m curious, if you make this gorgeous looking dessert with rice milk, does it taste creamy like ice cream, or does it taste more like a sorbet? ADORE. It was VERY yummy. If I told my son that I made frozen strawberry rice milk, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t want to eat it. The first ice cream recipe I came up with was a strawberry ice cream. I re read your post and can’t find your reaction to the finished recipe. This looks fantastic…love the non-dairy twist! I posted it on my blog, I hope you don’t mind. My kids LOVED the strawberry frozen yogurt and I make your vanilla frozen yogurt all the time. Plus, that’ll be gmo-free, which I prefer. I later discovered, with my (marginally) better Internet connection at home, that the miso I used was more fermented than others. Included was a simple vanilla ice cream with miso, which got my attention because I liked the idea of what they said would add “a rich butterscotch flavor” to ice cream. Naturalia sells it and there would be no vegan debate. I can’t digest cow’s milk very well so this is appreciated. We have been buying beautiful organic strawberries at our local farmers’ market and have been eating them as is (in all their pure glory), but if I start to get bored I will give this recipe a try. This sounds great and the picture of it look fantastic. the Picardie boys have the apple juice in winter…Yum. Their texture and bright flavor are big parts of their appeal and I tend to leave them out of baked goods, preferring them fresh. Professional chef and author, David Lebovitz, is a household name in the culinary world. This looks like a great recipe too. I just got a saveur mag email with your easiest chocolate ice cream recipe. it tasted like salted caramel cheesecake ice cream and it was divine: :). Also although I used Isola rice milk, I’m sure there are others that are good, too. Thanks. Since I am indeed one of those vegans that means it’s mostly for the witty and hilarious writing and maybe to see if I can veganize something. So I made up a custard, stirring in some white miso, roasted some strawberries, then churned everything up. Thanks in advance! ~Kat. I’ve been making boatloads of your ice cream in the past few weeks. We don’t eat dairy, so this will go down a treat I’m sure! I am going to try it this summer, which means, NOW. Thank you. One way I increase scoopability of homemade dairy ice cream is to reserve some of the heavy cream and softly whip it before folding it into the rest of the ingredients just before churning in the ice cream machine. 1 cup whole milk. Slice the berries and toss them with the sugar (or agave) and honey, and let them macerate for one hour at room temperature. I enjoy reading your blog and have made several of your recipes- delish!! I'm in the midst of making this ice cream (sans miso) https://www.davidlebovitz... Can anyone explain to me the reason why he says … On the other hand, of course, it might just be the cook’s natural inclination to tinker. But… when I had macerated the strawberries, and liquidised them with kirsch and cassis, it tasted so damn good I couldn’t bear to add the milk and risk losing that full-on strawberry flavour. Love your blog! I’m responsive to what you write and what others comment. Will have to try it sometime I always thought it’d be more a salty umami taste but I suppose the lighter misos with a lot of sugar could have a more malty/caramel taste. Wow, is all I can think to say. And you’re right about the honey, but we won’t go there! I was always on the frence about fruit-based ice cream made with eggs. However, they only stock a version flavored with vanilla. So it turned into a stupendous strawberry sorbet. Folks often ask why chunks of fruit freeze too hard in ice creams. A little bit chicken, I have not yet tried it. Fantastic recipe! ), “Yet sometimes I find the posts becoming a list of what you can and can’t substitute in the recipe, instead of a story I’d rather tell about the dish itself of its background.”. Jessica: Young coconuts are great, but I can’t imagine most folks having access to them. If you do, let me know and I’ll remove it. Oh my word! 8. I always make a recipe as listed the first time, but after that it’s open season. Thanks for the interesting article on vegans and honey. When just-churned, it has a texture and flavor of smooth gelato, yet when frozen, it has a fruity, sherbet-like feel because of the reduced fat. I love those Picardie guys too…the cherries are fab as well. If you substitute yogurt of any sort, your ice cream will be much more tangy. Anyway, my ice cream will be of a custard base but I’m not going to use cream. It’s nice to see it being explored as less of a novel ingredient. I think it’s far creamier than soy and definitely creamier than rice, but my fav commercial non dairy ice cream is made w/ coconut – I think it’s the closest to to the mouth feel of real ice cream, the only “problem” is that it has a distinct coconut flavour. I invited over Theresa Murphy, who teaches vegetarian cooking classes in Paris to come by for a taste and she said the best rice milk in France is an Italian brand, Isola. That helps alot! Thanks for posting your experiences and inspiring recipes, I really enjoy them! I suppose the person who clipped it for me is also expecting to be the beneficiary of this trial…. The Silver Palette cookbook (circa 1985) offered a no egg applesauce cake made in a ring pan which has been wonderful, but are there any other tasty possibilities? Oddfellows in Brooklyn has a miso butterscotch cherry so they must agree with butterscotch notes.