The EasyPress 2, as the name implies, is the second iteration of the Cricut heat press. What to know more about me? I love to use a sewing ruler to make sure that the transfer is where it’s supposed to be. With a household iron, you will never know the exact temperature of the exact area you are trying to press. This protects everything: the t-shirt, transfer, and platen! The EasyPress mat consists of 5 layers of heat resistant, moisture-wicking insulation. Wait for at least 24hrs before the first wash after application. Before having an EasyPress 2, I thought that I didn’t need one, that my iron would do just fine. Cricut EasyPress 6 x 7 inches: This is the smaller size of the regular design EasyPress, at 3.3lb in weight is perfect for small flat projects like: Cricut EasyPress 9 x 9 inches: This is the medium size and weighing only 5.7lb it’s the perfect size for most projects and probably the most recommend if you are an EasyPress newbie. Let us help YOU decide what is best for your crafting situation in this heat press comparison post. If you liked this post consider saving it for later by pinning the images below! Easy Press Tricks & Tips . Flip the project over, and press from the back for 15 seconds at 315°F . Also, if you are going to press fabrics, consider pre-washing them as well, this way you take the initial shrinkage out of the way. 3 – EasyPress 2 improvements 4 – The anatomy of the EasyPress 2 5 – EasyPress 2 different sizes 6 – How to choose the right size of Easypress 2 7 – What comes in the box of a Cricut EasyPress machine? After the first use, my mind was blown and my love for the EasyPress 2 started. When selecting the size, think about the kind of projects you will be making the most and choose the size that would make those projects easier. ABOUT / CONTACT / LICENSE Cricut also offer caring cases for each size, making it easier than ever to carry it with you! Unlike regular industrial presses, the EasyPress 2 is easily transportable thanks to its lightweight plastic body, and a base that allows to move it around safely. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. Because you won't have to manually press down with those and some clamp allowing you to multitask while pressing, making it faster and more convenient for you. It has the power to apply iron-on within 60 seconds or less. This Cricut mini iron will get into spots you could never get into with a traditional heat press or even one of the other EasyPress sizes. Most heat presses actually come with a free Teflon sheet, but if yours didn’t, it’s a good idea to order some. I hope you liked this post and as usual, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! It is fast, efficient, and offers top quality when applying an iron-on vinyl or HTV (Heat transfer Vinyl, as other brands call it) and sublimation (with Cricut Infusible ink projects). If you want a better transfer and are not using a Cricut EasyPress mat, but a towel or iron board instead, make sure that after you are done, if the substrate allows you, to hit the project back from the back or turn over tees and press again from the back (remember to use a protective sheet here as well). Another important point to remember is to check what your iron-on has as care recommendations. The EasyPress also has a control panel that allows you to not only set the temperature to exactly what you need but also the time that your project needs to be pressed. Some kinds of heat transfer vinyl work better when peeled off at a certain temperature. I learned this lesson when using my regular iron, you need to be cautious as possible when using heat, and especially with the temperatures that the EasyPress achieves to do sublimation projects, you should always protect them using Teflon sheets! The EasyPress 2 heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it perfect to use with infusible ink products since you need constant, spread-up high heat for the transfer to be successful. They have improved several aspects, the first version was only available in one size and one color, now some of the sizes are available in a range of colors. Some people say that if you are doing commercial projects, you should have a heat press instead. So expect a bunch of Cricut tutorials coming your way soon! 7- Re-hit from the back if you are not using an EasyPress mat. Now, I have a Cricut EasyPress 2 (yay!) Avoid harsh detergents and do not use bleach, The substrate (the item you are adding heat transfer vinyl to). Teflon sheets are the number one heat press accessory. Cricut EasyPress 2: Frequently Asked Questions - Happiness is … Having left my iron unattended for longer than I’ve liked before, I love this feature. For flat base materials, find a firm, flat, heat-resistant surface around waist … Welcome to my corner of the web. Cover the work area with a Teflon heat press sheet, and press for 30 seconds at 315°F. My sewing table plugs are in the back, so it reaches with no problem, but if you find that it's too short, I would recommend you a surge protector power strip, to make sure you and your machine are safe. It's specially designed for iron-on application with a nonstick surface that evenly distributes heat from your iron or heat press. 7 – Enjoy your finished project! Cut your design: First, you need to cut your design and weed it, remember that you need to mirror the design before cutting if you are using heat transfer vinyl for your project.