Airbnb have a good handle on how to give guests great destination content and personal recommendations. “Domestic tourism can help provide tourism engagement when there is no international tourism activity in the country,” he said. Another way is to define it by the act of travellers connecting authentically with the local culture of the destination they are visiting. It’s also a chance to unearth hidden gems in smaller locations, which can be exciting. For those hoteliers coming through the restrictions, the plan is simple; capture as much domestic business as possible, however they can. We want to coordinate and support those ideas that are productive.”. If you think about domestic leisure travellers and the guests you’ve housed in the past, you’ll find many of their preferences will be similar, but amplified. Domestic travel can also be undertaken via any mode of transport, again as long as the trip begins and ends in the same country. Would you like to continue browsing in Spanish, or view the home page? One that could prove very popular is the staycation. The type of trip an interstate traveller takes will dictate how long they might stay at your hotel. What’s most likely is the idea that the attitudes, motivations, and preferences of tourists will have changed for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever. TCB will also support the promotion of potential places to make it easier for domestic tourism promoters to take local tourists on tours, and help create awareness and market their services. Weekend getaways are very popular but they could be travelling for family or medical reasons, or for a short business trip. Some countries may kick their economy quickly back into gear, while others will struggle for a longer period of time. Domestic tourism involved residents travelling within the country. Loyalty program Leisure travellers are always looking for ways to enhance their experience and packages are an easy way to get valuable add-ons. However, the majority of the overnight trips have taken place for visiting friends and relatives followed by health and medical care. Previous efforts to tap on the domestic tourism potential could not reap the desired outcome. Most properties that can offer this are outside of major cities, in rural locations, but urban properties should consider the opportunities they have to offer this type of experience – perhaps in the form of extended yoga or meditation sessions or similar wellness activities. In an effort to promote domestic travel, the TCB invited private tourism partners to register with TCB. They do not want to waste time travelling to and from the venue. “Domestic tourism is usually resilient to external factors, so it’s important for us to focus on it.”. Perhaps look at whether you can offer private dining experiences, time slots for exclusive use of amenities, upgrades to automate services such as room service, or more frequent housekeeping. Build out different offers to suit both short and long term travellers and address the concerns that will be a hangover of COVID-19. There is one consistency though; however close to recovery a certain market is, hoteliers need to be ready and they can all prepare in a similar way. Think of sight-seers, day-trippers, families, romantic partners etc. For hotels to identify prospective markets post COVID-19, it’s useful to understand the many different trip types that have traditionally taken place and those that may be taking place during the economic recovery period. Intuition is valuable, especially since no one can accurately predict what might happen, but data doesn’t lie and should lead decision making. This will be an important market for hoteliers as they recover from COVID-19. Places to visit in Bhutan Success could come down to how they package an experience for guests who have been under lockdown and great stress prior to taking a trip. Here’s how to be creative when you have new blogging ideas. In fact, neighbouring nations are looking at coming to travel agreements, allowing travellers to move freely. Market your destination and its advantages, not just your hotel. Families are likely to stay for a week or more, while a business traveller is less predictable. What types of trips and travellers should hotels be targeting? Damcho Rinzin said many expressed that they need support in the development and promotion of domestic tourism, although it would be challenging to ensure Covid-19 health protocol. Travel to Bhutan Families in particular will want value for their money. Want more tips on navigating COVID-19? They’ll want their money to go as far as possible and also be close by to everything they’ve been missing out on, such as your amenities, restaurants, and local attractions. It’s these types of outlets that hotels need to develop relationships with to promote their properties credibly. Another factor that will give your hotel the best chance of success is to forget about established roles within the business. Potential guests will be on the lookout for comments on cleanliness of the property, hygiene practices, and the health standards of staff. Many business travellers will stay at the same hotels each time they take a trip, and enjoy receiving preferred rates and a guaranteed standard of comfort and service. Flights to Bhutan PO BOX 204 There are a number of questions to which the answers are still unfolding: Solutions lay in being informed and using the right tools to empower yourself to act the right way, at the right time. Weekend getaways (couples, families, adventurers), Family holidays (summer breaks, family road trips), Seasonal holidays (new peak seasons, e.g fall instead of summer in the US), Solo adventures (adventures, retreats, spiritual journey). This applies to guests who want to ‘live like a local’ while they are holidaying. “We’ll also discuss with public offices to let the private domestic tourism promoters to handle the in-country travel programmes for their offices,” Damcho Rinzin said. Most of the trips were in Thimphu. Domestic tourism is much the same as domestic travel, except it takes into account only those who are travelling for leisure. Check out our infographic here. “Since we’ve met and interacted with them, now we’ll develop a platform to feature their domestic tourism packages including creating awareness on such platform,” Damcho Rinzin said. Monitoring competitors will also prove to be very useful during this period of change. Package hungry Overnight travel involves a stay away from home of at least one night, at a place at least 40 kilometres from home. What new expectations and preferences will travellers have? With price and safety concerns around flights, expect to see a lot of alternate travel methods, and by extension alternate trip types such as road trips, in the future. Reviews about your property may start to take a different shape in this changed world. These standards will be raised in the wake of Coronavirus. Following the registration, TCB conducted a workshop with those interested groups to learn the challenges and how TCB could intervene. Different types of tourism can be recognized depending on length of stay, mode of transport used, distance travelled, purpose of trip and price paid by tourists. So far 76 have registered with the TCB and of that, 59 are tour operators followed by hoteliers and others. Hoteliers need to take into account the new expectations, concerns, and preferences of travellers to ensure their hotel is an attractive option. Bhutan Tours Download the full essential guide to domestic recovery to get actionable plans for your hotel. This can include any category of travel, such as leisure or business, or medical. So, it’s certainly a time to focus your attention on your direct channel. In 2019, the domestic overnight visitors recorded a total expenditure of Nu 5,913 million, which is a significant contribution or spending given the relatively unknown or informal domestic tourism situation in the country. Bhutan Festivals, Kuensel Corporation Ltd. Domestic travel is the lifeline the industry is hanging its hopes on for the foreseeable future. Hotels will have to market and operate in a different way moving forward. Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) informs, domestic tourism has seen unprecedented growth in the last three-four years. Bhutan Trekking Find out how you can get 6% more at your property. Ensuring this is possible while also adapting to COVID-19 concerns is a challenge for hotels to think about. Pools, evening entertainment and kids clubs for those travelling with children will be more appealing to the leisure traveller. Three are engaged in domestic tourism while four have come up with packages and rest were expressing interest. “Domestic tourism is essential anywhere in the country,” the director general said. U.S. Travel and Tourism Overview (2019) A two-page overview of travel volumes to within the United States, and the economic impact of travel on the U.S. economy. Many travellers may be seeking wellness packages and spiritual refreshment after an unprecedented period of unsettlement in their life.