[15], It is found commonly in most of Asia, primarily in mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. If left alone, longan tree stumps will resprout and the listing was upgraded to Near Threatened in 1998. Your email address will not be published. None of its parts is a waste. However, the majority of the demand comes from Asian communities in North America, Europe and Australia.[12]. It’s believed that the seed in Longan fruits can revitalize the heart and aid against depression. NESTLADY Natural Dried Longan ,100% fruit Meat ,桂圆肉,No Sugars , Used in teas, Snacks, Dessert, … [18], Fruit is picked early in the day in order to minimize water loss and to prevent high heat exposure, which would be damaging. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. [10], The wild longan population have been decimated considerably by large-scale logging in the past, and the species used to be listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Store dried longan in a tight jar or sealed bag in the refrigerator. [15] In contrast with the fresh fruit, which is juicy and white, the flesh of dried longans is dark brown to almost black. Liqueur is made by macerating the longan flesh in alcohol. From 2 pounds of longan, I get about 1 pound (450 grams) of the flesh only. Primary conditions or … [8] The flesh is translucent, and the seed is large and black with a circular white spot at the base. Any fruit that is split, under-ripe, or decaying is disposed of. Relieves fatigue, especially mental fatigue. [8] Flowering occurs as a progression. The remaining healthy fruit is then prepped and shipped to markets. Dried longan is called long nhãn (meaning dragon’s eye) or nhãn nhục in Vietnamese. [1], The longan is believed to originate from the mountain range between Myanmar and southern China. Recent field data are inadequate for a contemporary IUCN assessment. This structure is the source of its nickname, dragon's eye. The taste is different from lychees; while longan have a drier sweetness similar to dates, lychees are often messily juicy with a more tropical, grape-like sour sweetness. [12] Fresh longan that is shipped worldwide is exposed to sulfur fumigation. It is also considered a snack from longan that can be eaten all year round. A TCM ingredient is almost never eaten on its own but as part of a formula containing several ingredients that act together. Longan fruit remain fresher if still attached to the branch, so efforts are made to prevent the fruit from detaching too early. There are three flower types, distributed throughout the panicle;[7] staminate (functionally male), pistillate (functionally female), and hermaphroditic flowers. During harvest, pickers must climb ladders to carefully remove branches of fruit from longan trees. The longan industry is very new in North America and Australia. Tests have shown that sulfur residues remain on the fruit skin, branches, and leaves for a few weeks. Dried longan are often used in Chinese cuisine and Chinese sweet dessert soups. Please note that you should never self-prescribe TCM ingredients. In Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine, it is believed to have an effect on relaxation. Disclosure: Delightful Plate is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. One ounce of dried longan has 80 calories and 21 carbs. It is also known as lungan, and its binomial name is Dimocarpus longan. [7], The Longan tree produces light-yellow inflorescences at the end of branches. Apart from being eaten raw like other fruits, longan fruit is also often used in Asian soups, snacks, desserts, and sweet-and-sour foods, either fresh or dried, and sometimes preserved and canned in syrup. Longan harvesting is usually during July to September. [7] The leaves are pinnately compounded and alternate. www.thehongkongcookery.com/2018/10/oven-dried-longan-fruit.html It has only been acknowledged outside of China in the last 250 years. When the shell has more moisture content and is more tender, the fruit becomes less convenient to shell. Dosage: 6 - 15 grams Main actions according to TCM*: Nourishes the Blood. Remove longan from the oven once it is dry and dark brown (or even almost black) in color. Please consult a professional TCM practitioner, they will be best able to guide you. [3] It is native to tropical Asia and China.[4]. In Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine , it is believed to have an effect on relaxation. In the United States, longan is grown in Florida, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, California, Hawaii, and Arizona. Push the tip of the knife into the flesh where it meets the seed. [citation needed], This article is about the fruit and tree. In order to obtain full-year income. Move the knife in a circular motion to separate the flesh and the seed. It can take about an hour to remove shell and seed for 2 pounds (900 grams) of longan. In scientific circles, it’s also called Euphoria longan Lour. The fruit is then placed into either plastic crates or bamboo baskets and taken to packaging houses, where the fruit undergo a series of checks for quality. The warm, sandy-soiled conditions allowed for the easy growth of longan trees. The packaging houses are well-ventilated and shaded to prevent further decay. Or try increasing the oven temperature slightly by 10-20°F. [12], Despite its long success in China, the longan is considered to be a relatively new fruit to the world. They are also grown in Australia, along the eastern coast. The process of checking and sorting are performed by workers instead of machinery. Dried longan is a bupin fruit used to make bupin. Dried Longan is probably the healthiest fruit in China.