For a $69 calculator, you'd think it'll last longer than that. Grabbed one to accompany my Ducky One TKL keyboard. The battery compartment was very fit and nicely implemented, with the door securing and fitting very nicely to the unit. DZ60 split. The Ducky Pocket RGB Calculator integrates well with Ducky’s TKL keyboard. - The instruction manual is very easy to understand, which is good considering how many hotkey functions there are. The Ducky Pocket is a mechanical keyboard calculator with Cherry MX switches 13 By Sam Byford @345triangle Jun 3, 2016, 9:09am EDT If that … The Ducky Pocket Mechanical RGB Calculator has been out for several months and I am just now covering the product, since I feel our readers might be interested and the Pocket never received much attention or marketing in the states, given the relatively small and unknown status of Ducky. The setup of the keys and lighting is somewhat tedious if you are a software config fan (I'm not), programming it to my liking took quite a while and there are a few key typo's in the manual, which slowed it down even more. Therefore, improving the overall quality of lighting transmission and typing experience. This is NOT the case. It stays on as long as its plugged in, even when my PC is off. Players might find it very useful for macros and such, but it's no substitute for conventional WASD controls. It is, however, excellent for the more essential functions like productivity and making people say: "what the?". - Video editing with vegas is much faster using the directional keys (PC2 mode) I don't think I'll be sending it in though since it seems like a hassle to ship to Taiwan for repairs. Maybe there's a way to turn it off, but I haven't found it. These caps have a really nice textured feel to them and aren’t super smooth, but at the same time don’t grab your fingers or cause dragging. This is important to keep in mind, though we don’t anticipate the PBT keycaps of the Pocket to have durability issues or wear out anytime in the next few years. Cherry MX RGB switches - Ducky uses only genuine Cherry MX switches with a life cycle of over 50 million key presses. Mine was shipped with a very large bubble underneath the screen protector. Ducky Pocket serves as a external number pad or a calculator by itself standalone Brand new with 1 year warranty by XtremeSolution Ducky is known for build quality and the Pocket doesn’t disappoint, it’s built to last. The Ducky Pocket, while certainly capable as a basic calculator, is not going to replace a scientific calculator, it just doesn’t have the chops to be able to do so. While I tend to prefer an MX Brown or MX Silver (Speed) switch for my keyboards, I went with Cherry MX Blue switches on the Pocket because the audible click seemed appropriate on a calculator. My only gripes are that the legends on the keys lack contrast and the back lighting is quite dim next to my WASD CODE TKL. I really like the ability to use it as a calculator on the fly. All of the seams on the unit fit very nicely and the tolerances on the Pocket were very tight. ... Ducky have never released anything with bluetooth. MK Edit - If this was purchased from us, please send it in to us for repair. If you want an additional input device for your PC, there are no shortage of options. A Taiwanese manufacturer known for their lineup of well-built, high quality keyboards, such as the One and Shine 6, Ducky may not carry the name recognition of a Logitech or Corsair among PC users, but those who have had the opportunity to use Ducky products will tell you that they are built to last and carry an aesthetic appeal you don’t find with other manufacturers. One other thing is the clear switch housings that make it a bit overly blingy for my tastes, lol light shining out all over. I find myself reaching for these keys on other numpads and being disappointed. I opted for the Ducky Pocket with Cherry MX Blue switches. It's much too bulky to be truly portable. level 2. This is actually quite useful. Ducky Pocket Mechanical Keyboard Calculator with Cherry MX Blue Keys, Mfg Code: DKPO1623ST-CUSPDAAT1 ... Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Mechanical Keyboard in White with … Posted by. Razer has recently announced the Tartarus V2 ($79.99 shipped), which offers scroll functionality and a thumb joystick, which will make it more appealing to gamers. My gaming style is lap boarding in a big comfy chair so the small form factor puts my left hand in the perfect position in relation to the mouse which is good for my carpal tunnel issues. - Give me back an agile numeric keypad when using my notebook, that speed up my data entering, specially when typing numbers; [news] Ducky Pocket - Mechanical Numpad + Calculator. Great when it was working, barely lasted a year. The LCD on the unit has a nice, thick protective shell that can handle abuse like a tank, something that my two year old son tested for me. Really loved this product. - Being able to disconnect the keypad and work independently as a calculator gives me freedom to perform basic calculations to record on paper when a computer is not available. Calculator. All of the Cherry MX switches are smooth and implemented properly, with a satisfying lift-off distance and nice, stiff backplate that doesn’t flex under pressure. The left-side numberpad is a go, folks. Independent key codes can also be macro programmed, making the Ducky Pocket a truly versatile device. ... mechanical switch calculator: Ducky Pocket. I highly recommend it. There is a battery life indicator on the Ducky Pocket, but I don’t know that it is too accurate, as it read a brand new CR2032 battery as being half full initially, but settled on it having full life on the next power on. Different from normal cheap calculators with mushy keys that frequently fail on me; Ducky provides a full user manual that explains how to adjust RGB lighting and, most importantly, program macros on the unit. The Ducky Pocket is a mechanical keyboard calculator with Cherry MX switches New, 13 comments By Sam Byford @345triangle Jun 3, 2016, 9:09am EDT - The battery life is shorter than I'd like, and I wish it used something other than a CR2032 coin battery. Ducky and Filco are consistently two brands whose keyboards I would trust to last me for years of use. ... An RGB calculator that acts as Numpad and works via bluetooth? Being the keyboard and mouse reviewer here at Legit Reviews, in addition to being a compatibility lab manager for years, I have had dozens of keyboards come across my desk over the past decade. Programming the Ducky Pocket can be both extremely simple and daunting at the same time, since there is no software available. Copyright © 2002-2020 -- All Rights Reserved. 4 years ago. Overall, it is an excellent numpad. - Just on its own, the look on people's faces when I pull out the Pocket to do calculations is worth the price. Ducky Latest addition to their line up of mechanical keyboards. At least, not in the way it's shown. DZ60 split. The Ducky Pocket has a lot going for it and I just wanted the opportunity to share this device, as niche as it may be, with our readers. Firmware update, maybe? Also, MechanicalKeyboards didn’t have my choice of switch available for sale when I made my purchase, so the MX Blue switch became the only option. CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches - Guarantees Up To 50 Million Keystrokes. If you email, they will tell you that this screen protector can be removed. The Ducky Pocket is a niche device, for sure, but at the same time, I can see a usage scenario for just about anybody who regularly uses a PC. Submit your e-mail address to receive free updates and promotions. Oh, and you can use it as a numpad, too, if you prefer to go tenkeyless most of the time.