You're quite welcome, glad to help! Their graphics department puts out a propoganda pdf claiming "Customers are our #1 priority" and "Our Commitment to you". I've never attempted something like this before, but with your instructions, I was able to fully recondition a nasty, old cast-off mic from a radio station. Thank you for your reply.. You're welcome, and yeah, I really wish EV would charge a more reasonable rate. We will bring your favorite microphone back to life – guaranteed! I also use the foam pop filter made by EV for this mic and a dbx 286s processor. Over 80% of all repairs are completed within three days or less, enabling very short reaction times for our customers and end users. There's at least three decades worth of grit and grime in there, and using a toothbrush doused in alcohol, as well as a ton of long cotton swabs, I was able to get it restored to something resembling metal. Electro-Voice F.01U.110.242 Slip-On Rubber Hand Grip for EV ND Series Slip-on rubber hand grip for Electro-Voice ND series microphones. We specialize in large diaphragm condenser microphones manufactured by AKG, Blue, Neumann, Rode, Telefunken, Gefell and others. You'll need to pull a little, then feed the three wires (copper, purple, black) through the little hole in the plastic circuit housing, then pull more, then feed, etc. In reply to Hi Jeff - I have an Re20 - by Larry Freedman, Sorry, I can't do the repairs for other people's mics at this time :(, Yep, got the baby rattle ….. so I'm thinking while I have it out, strip the paint and if I could find a gold plate kit...….. LOL !! Use an 9/64" hex key (I ended up using a T20 torx bit because I'm missing my 9/64" hex key!) I made it through without a hitch, and my classic RE20 sounds better than ever. Other than these supplies, you should probably prepare a work surface and make sure you have something laid on top of it to collect all the icky foam bits that will drop out of the microphone (some dried out, some gooey) during the course of the teardown. To add to this; sometimes if the baby rattle problem is not fixed but the mic is still used for a long period of time (so the capsule can bounce around inside the metal body a lot), this can lead to physical damage of the capsule which may or may not be repairable. In addition, we do not just repair your device; we process it completely. Now we need to get to work on the bottom of the mic. ), Jeff, I looked through all the details to make sure I knew what parts went where, and how to eventually reassemble everything (the wires need to be routed through a few different parts of the mic correctly, otherwise screwing together the parts will break the connections): Click image above to download. Luckily, we'll put in some brand new foam to make sure the last remnants of goop don't fall out when you shake the mic in the future! The advanced exchange is available for most of our products during the warranty period. If you need additional support, simply contact our spare parts order desk and our experts will personally assist you in identifying the correct spare part for your product. Be careful to not get the posts too hot with the soldering iron—it seems they're only held to the rest of the plastic circuit holder via solder as well, and they can pop right off! Standardized processes ensure reliable and fast advanced exchange times. I will carefully glue it down.. Ordered those as well. LINCOLN MICROPHONE LLC HOME; PARTS; REPAIRS; AUCTIONS; FAQ; CONTACT; HOME; REPAIRS; PARTS; AUCTIONS; FAQ; CONTACT ; RE20 baby rattle repair $100 + shipping (must include insurance) Includes: Case cleaning New Foam (original engineering spec) Warranty; capsule repair for 1 year from date of repair, no … Even if a product is no longer manufactured, its spare parts are usually still on stock for another five years. Unscrew the head of the microphone by hand; you'll find the foam pop filter inside (unless it's completely disintegrated!, and once the head is off, you should also see the front of the mic capsule. In order to minimize system downtimes, a new or refurbished product is sent out immediately when you submit a request to us. Electro-Voice is dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever-higher expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals the world over. Wrap the copper ground wire around the other two wires coming from the mic capsule, and carefully work them through the little opening in the large foam sleeve, while you slide the mic capsule into the sleeve. Fixed repair prices. In reply to Glad I could help! I had to dig out the glue to get the connector to move. I'm just having trouble getting a reply through the email address on their web site. MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015), macOS Mojave (10.14.1) Gepostet am 18. Since it was obvious that the foam was the primary issue with the mics I had been entrusted, I looked around … There's plenty acoustical foam that doesn't ?? Our standardized processes ensure reliable and fast repairs. Microphone Repairs Most microphones can be repaired. Finally, after all this teardown, you can start rebuilding and reassembling everything. This metal adapter is basically a bridge that allows the bottom retaining hex bolt to hold firmly against the rest of the mic. I've never done brain surgery but it's probably pretty close. In this picture, the RE20 is plugged into my computer via a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD USB audio interface, and I tested it by recording samples into Sound Studio on my Mac: I tweaked the levels for this mic (plugged into the right channel of the U-Phoria) and another known-good RE20 (plugged into the left channel of the U-Phoria), and then did some test recordings in Sound Studio, and found that the levels and fullness of the sound were just as before, if slightly improved by having a continuous ring of foam holding the capsule in place!