If (Stomp) $1.29 on iTunes 4. Written prior to her joining Fairport Convention, Denny originally sang it as a solo folksinger in the London clubs before bringing it with her during her abbreviated tenure with the Strawbs. Sandy Denny’s best known and most lingering composition, this became a singular hit in the hands of Judy Collins in the late ‘60s. Jack O'Diamonds ; $1.29 on iTunes 6. From 46 people Autopsy Fairport Convention. I Don't Know Where I Stand; $1.29 on iTunes 3. Decameron; $1.29 on iTunes 5. From 6 people Sloth Fairport Convention. From 34 people Meet On The "LOOP" (Ledge) Fairport Convention. From 12 people Percy's Song Fairport Convention. Portfolio; $1.29 on iTunes 7. From 8 people … Sun Shade; $1.29 on iTunes 9. From 10 people Matty Groves Fairport Convention. Lobster; $1.29 on iTunes 10. Chelsea Morning; $1.29 on iTunes 8. Fairport Convention’s Best Songs As picked by the jam community, 2011–2015 Who Knows Where The Time Goes Fairport Convention. The title of this collection is a bit of a misnomer, since most Fairport Convention fans will tell you the best of the venerable British folk-rock group's recordings for BBC Radio were already compiled on the superb 1987 album Heyday (which grew from a 12-track LP to a 20-song CD when it got a digital makeover in 2002).