Each knife starts out as a block of wood, a sheet of steel, and a length of leather. Steve Randall is a certified Master BladeSmith with years of experience creating hand-forged … Our high quality railroad spike knives, stands and sheaths are handmade here in North Carolina… I want each of my knives to be an experience. Please join us for one of our quarterly Guild meetings held at the … No Two Alike. During our 73-step process, the raw materials are transformed into a | Woody Handmade Knives The purely hand-crafted knives are especially desirable since they are designed for hard use with fantastic ergonomics and feature beautiful materials. Our Custom Knife Making Process Our handmade, custom knives are uniquely designed and built to last. I want each customer to hold their custom knife in their hand, and be immediately taken back to a simpler way of life. All American. Fiddleback Forge’s makes high end knives for knife aficionados and avid outdoorsmen. No Two Alike. Welcome to the North Carolina Custom Knifemakers Guild Website. The knife … Each unique knife is made by hand … I strive to create knives to be passed down to future generations. Hand-forged using over three decades of craftsmanship, the railroad spike knife is our signature wrought iron blade. We are dedicated to preserving the craft of the handmade knife. Forged start-to-finish in our shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina, our products come from the highest quality artisanship with a custom blade each time. All American.