Hopeless. I would never buy anything from Harvey Norman again..Trust is completely gone and service is just below standard. I was shopping at Harvey Norman for a mattress and was looking at the American brands. The Tempur Luna Supreme Cloud Soft is available at Harvey Norman. I have never heard of the brand Hilker until Patrick from Harvey Norman, Viva Business Park recommended me to their Grund Bay model that comes with a 5 zone Natural Latex Padding. Disgusting Harvey Norman! Shop now for same-day delivery on eligible orders in metro NSW, QLD and VIC. For more information view our Returns Policy. He is a star to Harvey Norman Team in Sunshine, I am sure all other staffs are amazing as well. I was amazed by the customer service provided by Mr Hitesh. They communicated to me that they will send an email confirmation. But they didnot notify or confirm that. So dodgy so many lies. Ordered a pair of Sonos One SL only to find out it does not work with wifi protocols of WPA2 Enterprise.However when I try to return it and contact their now online chat "customer service" they say this is under "Change of mind" and re-stated their policy to me and down right refused to refund. When I called Harvey Norman, they suggested that they will arrange LG to come down and replace the door. Catering to all comfort preferences, whether you enjoy a plush sleep surface or ultra-firm support, we've got your back! I ordered here on 23 Oct only because the page said delivery from 2 Nov. The SleepMaker Miracoil Orientate Medium is available at Harvey Norman. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. I suffer with neck and back issues and this mattress has been great for me. When he finally answered the phone he had an appalling attitude. Their recommendations was to order another TV as a new purchase, which I did. It annoys me that they can hold your money for this long without letting us know what’s happening. I checked with the store as well who informed me they are not able to do anything and I will have to contact Harvey Norman online. My delivery was short ordered - missing was the Meile Vacuum and Bre... ville Toaster Oven. Ordered an outdoor setting 2 months ago. I was away from home when it arrived only my husband was home. misleading customer service I lost my 550$ because of faulty product asked about return They said there is no return on our policy team member couldn’t guide properly about product it was horrible experience, This relates to the HN store in Albany WA. In fact, one time I did get a response and was asked for a copy of the email I got from the payment method company (though there is no good way to attach this in their dodgy chat system) I sent a screenshot response and then was re-greeted with "Hi, this is a chatbot" again. I had a similar issue with a similarly priced TV 3 years ago at Bing Lee and received no help at all even from head office, so I appreciate good service when I get it. I ordered the mattress, within an hour I had a call arranging delivery. This relates to the HN store in Albany WA. This mattress is comfortable and offers decent support. If you want to catch some quality Zs, browse our extensive range of ensembles and mattresses for sale at Harvey Norman. It is comfortable but has a distinct unstable and almost cheap feel to it. Who knows how long I have to wait. Let us take the stress out of your old mattress removal when you order a new one from Harvey Norman. But I don’t think I will receive it before Christmas.Shame on you Harvey Norman! It was to be delivered on 22nd of October 2020. Ordered a Christmas Tree online and when it arrived it was so vastly different from the picture that it was not even close to being “as advertised”, r being investigated by the manufacturer and all of this would take “possibly a few weeks” before I may or may not get a refund So far I didn’t receive any update.I requested for refund or a replacement by Harvey Norman, but was told by the customer service that they cannot make it.