ResultsWe found that people classify plants according to application or use (primarily medicinal, to a lesser extent as edible). Classes do not show only economicinequality, but also the symbolic and cultural inequality, andso they also diff er in relation to the death. The science fiction could be understood as a type of anthropological thinking about the alterity. Conclusions Most historians agree that the fin-de-siècle was a transformative period for the study of emotion. The first is the ontology of the individual, mutual for different types of humanoids and their societies in Star Trek. Additionally, the manner by which residents’ concepts of plants articulate with local folk epistemology is discussed. Her status as married, later divorced, family member played an important role in gaining insight into marital relationships. بوزيان راضية ................. 174 Controversies about research evaluation in SSH do not depend mainly on technical issues, such as coverage and reliability of indicators, but on deeper epistemic reasons. Co-existing legal orders interact in complex ways: they may compete or conflict; sustain or reinforce each other; and often they influence each other through interaction, imposition, imitation and transplantation. Methods Drawing somewhat anachronistically on Smith’s taxonomic model, I argue that underlying investigative categories posed by structural anthropologists are operative strategies of subjective value and valuation. This article provides a textual analysis of the British print media's reaction in the week after Daley's ‘coming out’ announcement and examines whether the portrayal of him is consistent with the inclusive response to gay male athletes who have come out of the closet in recent years. Anthropology comprises both general and specific concerns about humanity and can best be understood as a metadiscipline of academic inquiry. You are currently offline. • الطقوس الجنائزية بين سلطة التقاليد المحلية وجبروت النص عند السلفيين (دراسة ميدانية) كما يحوي العدد مقالة نظرية مهمة حول نظرية الثقافة في عصر ما بعد أفول نظرية الأنساق الكبرى التي كانت تدعي الفهم الماكروي لكل القضايا الإنسانية بما في ذلك الثقافة وهي مقالة مهمة لفهم التوجهات التنظيرية للثقافة في ما بعد الحداثة. The third part attempted to study the impact of knowledge acquisition processes on the research product, through analyzing a sample from recent university theses approved in Egypt and Sudan, and the research relied on a direct and electronic interview, to obtain the teachers' perceptions, along with the methodology of critical discourse analysis, as tools for obtaining information to achieve the research goals. The framework programme for basic education covers Christianity, Judaism and Islam, while Christianity has a privileged position. To study honor and shame we need to focus on how relationships work in various real-life situations. Though it can be still reasonable to use such impersonal indicators as gross domestic product or longevity which are based entirely on impersonal data and are free from subjective interpretations, for the exploration of general tendencies in particular fields, however, we should restrain ourselves from invalid generalizations. فطاس أحمد، بن قويدر أحمد ................. 7 Proponents of the shame–guilt distinction draw on the popular culture concept of the early 20 th century by assuming that cultures are objects that we can easily grasp and demarcate from one to another. This obliges conventional professionalisation histories to incorporate alternative evidence. Structuralism, from linguistics to anthropology 9. Visions of anthropology 2. Following a discussion of factors accounting for the divergence and convergence of legal systems, this chapter critically examines the issue of transferability of laws with special attention being paid to the theory of legal transplants propounded by Professor Alan Watson, one of the most influential contemporary comparatists and legal historians. Epistemic strategies in contemporary science 2. Modalities and systems of interaction 13. Functioning at a territorial state level are the legal systems of nation-states and sub-national (e.g. The paper is anchored on structural-functional theory whose proponents are Herbert Spencer and Robert Merton (Turner, 1985; ... antropólogo é lidar com pessoas e as teorias servem para direcionar nosso olhar para a construção de uma nova possibilidade de ser. The research used the theoretical heritage of sociology of scientific knowledge, especially Pierre Bourdieu's reflexive scientific practice theory as a reference for interpretation. 7. Published in the Routledge Handbook of Translation and Cognition (2020), this chapter explores the interface between the phenomena of translation and cognition with cultural and social anthropology. In this dissertation we aim to understand this relation by focusing in the TV Show Star Trek: Voyager. • عناصر الثقافة الشعبية المتضمنة في منهج اللغة العربية بمرحلة التعليم الأساسي في مصر. • الثقافة الشعبية الجزائرية في منطقة الطارف -الولائم أنموذجا Durkheim lieferte auch eine Theorie des Ursprungs religiöser Phänomene. • الاندماجية الاجتماعية للشباب البطال في المدينة الجزائرية. سوسان جرجس ................. 25 The higher percentages of Haver-sian tissue in the post-Howiesons Poort artefacts relative to Holocene examples from southern Africa suggests that people may have started experimenting with bone from different animal taxa at this time and had not yet learned to eliminate the mechanically weaker secondary tissue. The relationship between the researcher and her female interlocutors included many aspects, from sensuous involvement through touching, as in massaging each other’s heads, over conversations about sexuality, to performing the gendered role of a modest young woman. Earlier professions changed under socioeconomic pressures, and this continues today. Visions of anthropology 2. Além disso, argumenta-se também que é necessário uma reavaliação e ampliação do conceito de peregrinação, que deve ser construído não apenas pela visão do peregrinos, mas também por outras perspectivas de participantes de uma peregrinação. Current anthropology, however, rejects such a reifying and essentializing approach. Heterarchical thinking in social thought 11. Before Smith, structuralist scholars saw it as their task to uncover the roots of human taxonomic arrangements that present themselves as natural. Our priorities, omissions and interpretations are bound to be contested, since there can be no single authoritative history of anything, least of all a sprawling, dynamic and disputed field like anthropology. Considering the practices of the classification of societies – A step towards indigenization, Structural and Functional Changes in Bosnian Family - Disappearance of the "Sofra", La Arqueología y la Antropología cultural: entrelazamientos pretéritos y presentes, Public Administration and Traditional Administrative System in Africa: The Ecological Nexus, Antropologia da Ficção Científica: Alteridade Maquínica em Star Trek Voyager, Identifying animal taxa used to manufacture bone tools during the Middle Stone Age at Sibudu, South Africa: Results of a CT-rendered histological analysis, Complexities of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship by Two Indigenous Organisations in Rural South Africa, The ‘Worship of Nature’? • نظرية الثقافة ماذا بعد أفول الانساق. Orang asli Malang sering sekali berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasawalikan ini dan tampaknya karena saking terbiasanya, mereka langsung bicara tanpa berpikirterlebih dahulu. Forty five informants from three rural localities situated along the Parana River participated in an ethno-classification task. فهرس المقالات Throughout, we focus primarily on the period following an assessment of the subfield made by David Gellner in 1990. Th e most attention was devotedto a class-tier thanatological diff erences. دراسة ميدانية بمدينة العلمة، سطيف. The paper deals with the world religions paradigm (WRP) in education on religions in the Czech education. Durkheims Anliegen war es, die essentielle Nähe zwischen dem Religiösen und dem Sozialen, sei es in vormodernen oder in modernen Kontexten, hervorzuheben. Notably, anthropologists are among the avant- garde in the debate of what may be considered human or nonhuman. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. Western modern professions have been around for 200 years and are viewed by many as obvious parts of society. He also demonstrates the narrow connection between the feldwork concept and the dominating paradigm. In this Working Paper, we present our findings in respect of the innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour of two local Indigenous organisations in a South African rural area with high poverty rates and little access to financial and technological infrastructure. This indicates that bone with greater elastic properties was chosen. • المدينة الصحراوية وإشكالات التحضر. In initiating such a dialogue, we hope to engage hitherto largely disconnected academic audiences, each of which we address with a particular objective: We encourage sociocultural anthropologists, who have a long tradition of studying legal and political organization in non-state settings and more recently have also turned their attention to the study of bureaucratic institutions and the state, to study German administrative law and its enactment within bureaucratic and judicial institutions with the same ethnographic scrutiny they apply to other systems of meaning and social practices.