I personally feel that keeping Homing Pigeon as a Pet is an excellent choice for all. Eventually, increase the distance from where you release your birdie. See more ideas about homing pigeons, pigeon pictures, pigeon. Healthy pigeon poop is odorless and not too hard to manage with hardwood or tile floors or with strategic placement of liners. Pet stores also sell vitamins and calcium supplements for birds that can help improve your pigeons health. Teaching Your Cat to Do Tricks the Smartest Way, Veterinary Needs Of Cats Depending On Age, 8 Easy Methods on How to fight Fleas At Home. Once trained, these lovely birds are sure to come home after you release them. However, if you want to feed a racing pigeon then you can go for uncooked rice, lentils, corn and etc. Aren’t you? Bird and Parrot classifieds. So, these were the things that you should keep in mind before keeping Homing Pigeon as a Pet. Try to keep the loft away from the ground. Pigeons can also be potty trained or they can wear pigeon pants! Feeding. If you want to pet homing pigeons, you need to keep the following points in mind: Keeping homing pigeons as pets is a good choice. Hi! I never thought I would be choosing writing as my career. Your bird's cage should measure at least 2 feet high by 2 feet wide and 2 feet long, but a larger cage is preferable. Also, keep in mind that your loft should be able to protect your homing pigeons from cats and other predator birds. Most important things to know before you keeping homing pigeon as pet July 14, 2020July 14, 2020 userUncategorizedHoming pigeon, Pigeon Homing pigeons is a suitable pet for those who like the gentle, calming, unobtrusive attitude of the pigeons. www.petsectors.com/caring-homing-pigeon-everything-must-know-aware These are the things that you MUST know, Master the Art of Owning a Pet Dove | Caring for a Pet Dove, Facts you Need to know About Cockatoos as Pets, Are Fruits Safe for Birds? Or is it because you want to show off? Feeding is the most important part of raising pigeons. But, here are a few points that you must keep in mind before you actually go ahead and buy your homing pigeons. Learn about Fruits fit for Birds & which are not fit for them, Tips to Effectively Clean your Dog’s Wound. Keep the roof slanting so that the rainwater and snow slopes down. The pants are easy to put on and pigeons tolerate … Lastly, as they get almost 6-8 weeks old, take them at least 1 mile away from their home and try releasing them from a basket. However, it is a little known fact that they are also raised as pets. Basically all kinds of foods ranging from grains, greens, seeds, berries are what you should feed your pigeons. Providing the pigeon with grit and gravel will help it digest its food. With good reason, they can be very affectionate and loyal, and millions of enthusiasts have learned to love and appreciate them as companion birds. Interact with it while it is in the nest and when it is a squeaker. It was just something that happened naturally. And, that’s not it. Whether you have homing pigeons or feral rock pigeons, these practices provide excellent returns. You can condition it … With the right care and affection, you will be able to raise some of the most extraordinary and talented pets for yourself. Their homing instinct keeps them close by once they know your house is their home. And, today, I own several blogs and write almost all-day everyday. You can supplement the pigeons regular diet with lettuce, endive, chickweed, spinach, berries, apple, and pears. Next, try to keep his loft as clean as possible so that they want to come back to their home. That’s true my friend. Isn’t that really cool? I hope you found this blog helpful and interesting. Columbia livia domestica, more commonly known as homing pigeons, are pets, which require extra care and skill to maintain. I am a person who loves to keeps to himself and do his thing. Did you know that they can actually carry messages from one person to another? You can also train pigeons to be racing birds. I work as a health coach, and in my spare time, I do all I can to make this world a better place for animals and birds. May 28, 2019 - Explore Edison Hasso's board "Homing pigeons" on Pinterest. Keeping homing pigeons as pets is common for people who are prepared to invest some extra time and care to them. For any further queries and questions, feel free to ask me through the contact form below. So, yeah! Keeping the pigeon indoors will help you to bond with it, and gradually the bird will be okay with you. Homing pigeons are exclusively trained pigeons with an inbuilt ability to return to their owners. In case you see that your pigeon isn’t able to trace back to its home, try going slow. But, I am not that. Pigeons -- and their close cousins, doves -- make vocal and friendly pets. What makes homing pigeons special is their innate ability to fly back to their homes after you’ve released them. But, make sure you don’t go too far too soon. Ideally, a pair of pigeon needs their loft to be at 10 cubic feet. I have both hand raised pet pigeons and parent raised pet pigeons. Do you want to keep Homing Pigeon as a Pet? Instead of the usual flea repelling sprays, depend mostly on natural products or simple substances and decipher how to fight fleas with the help of them. I personally feel that keeping Homing Pigeon as a Pet is an excellent choice for all. Training homing pigeons requires dedication and commitment on your part. Well, yes. Fighting fleas naturally is much easier than y You can train them for various bird racing events as well as teach them how to send messages to other people. That's a little something about me. Repeat this several times a week. Is it because you are going to prepare her for a race? What makes homing pigeons special is their innate ability to … Make sure to take good care of them and take them to a certified veterinarian in case they fall sick or somehow injure themselves while flying. And in case you didn't know, there are around 300 breeds of pet pigeons, and they are categorized into three major groups: sporting, fancy, and utility. Read More, There are certain things that you should keep in mind while training guinea pigs so that the training goes smoothly. Hence you can buy anything around that size. Read More. Hi, this is Srirup Mazumdar. You need to introduce your pigeon to the trap door and allow him to come in and out of it at least thrice in a day but only after they are at least 6 weeks old. People achieve this through training and breeding the pigeons in a proper manner. So, let’s get started.