It is true, and is the only universally approved way in competitive programming community, but it is actually just half of the story. Given a problem statement you have to think of a related algorithm and appropriate data structures to represent the data and then tweak the algorithm to reach a solution. First, the obvious part, the more problems you solve the bigger your precomputed bag of tricks is. Codechef is platform for competitive programming. Great thanks to the CombNaf's organizer is Nafmo2.) When we develop a solution for an Interactive Problem then the input data given to our solution may not be predetermined but is built for that problem specifically. And here comes in picture the art called “competitive programming”. Competitive programming is an advanced form of programming which deals with real world problems… This short paragraph is not related with Competitive Programming. Code is not meant to be cryptic, rather to create abstract representations of a flow or concept that will work for most, or ideally all inputs. (By the way, on July 17th, I have a project of competitive programming said CombNaf in Japan. Interactive Problems are those problems in which our solution or code interacts with the judge in real time. I think this is helpful for those who is practicing competitive programming hardly but rating is sluggish. It differs based on your experience, preferences and relative strengths and weaknesses. There’s no problem in choosing any specific programming language but getting stuck at some well-known codes or the codes required only for the exam clarification is futile. The coming era is the age of technology. Pick a language Language is the most crucial thing for communicating ideas. Many people tell you that solving lots of problems and you will become red on Topcoder/Codeforces one day. Today I want to share some ways to practice competitive programming and getting rating. I did a lecture about this. Programming is an extension of logical problem solving. I just wanted to let you know that if you are in your 20s and you find interesting how I see the world, I am doing a Youtube vlog . The following are the steps to help you get started with Competitive Programming.