Who beats herself up for beating herself up! And my last piece of advice? My theory is let them scatter when Mother nature would, not by words on a package. One should never assume anything, I suppose, but I did. This is, I suspect, what ianblue was trying to express: design changes first, plants last. Needing advice! Landscaping/Overall Curb Appeal Ideas Needed, Why We Need to Plant Milkweeds In Our Gardens. Now, do you sometimes beat up on yourself for beating up on yourself? There is snow on the ground now, and I am going out today and throwing some wildflower mix out there too. Then, with the concrete gone, you can just sod new grass where the walk was, and if the money isn't there at that point to add the new curving walk, then just use a stepping stone trail to the drive until you're financially ready. I just joined today. Personally, I would first use paint the foundation the dark hue. Think in terms of stages. Most Hawaiian wear has lots of orange in the fabric...sooooo, I was looking for a boutique name that I could use to sell and collect these dresses. Annie - let me guess....she has hair like her Grandma??? How to collect flower seeds from the garden. Lightly rake the bed to cover the seeds. I love seeing the marvel of the Monarch. I just love Larkspurs (Annual Delphiniums), especially the tall, deep blue varieties! Cut the flower stalks. Then put them in the bag and just shake them. I am liking the idea of different heights of trees and shrubbery around the house. Create a series of 1/4-inch-deep furrows across the surface of the bed using a leaf rake. Seeds do not germinate well when soil temperatures are above 55°F (13°C). I think that will be beautiful in spring. That is a neat look. Anne is a Hebrew name that translates to "Blessed with Grace", or Gracious.{{gwi:635053}}. JMO, FWIW. Anyway, hubs and I then bought our own plants and shrubs according to the plans, and implemented all ourselves to save money. I mean to type Nancy, not Nany.I hate not having a real edit function on this forum! I couldn't believe the difference there was in just making the house a darker color! Please forgive ME! The medallion idea on the angled wall is a great one! A friend of mine wanted to name her child this pretty name, only to find out that it meant snake in another language - LOL. They consider so much more than plants and shrubs. That red hued fence on each side needs to be a medium to dark gray. Every year the garden is different, and I look forward to seeing what comes up in hidden places. Janen. Sieve the seeds to remove chaff and litter, then transfer them to small envelopes or lidded jars for storage. Sprinkle the larkspur seeds into the furrows. The seeds have already fallen out here. Southern California Gardener's November Checklist, 8 Surefire Vegetables and Herbs for Beginning Urban Gardeners, Welcome the Turning Season: Advice for Your September Garden, Backyard Birds: How to Care for American Goldfinches. Probably costs more now, but worth every penny. Your home is so pretty, and has the potential to be an absolute show-stopper someday. Did it again in our second home, where it was about $300 give or take, for front and rear (pool area) plans. Many fall down around the plant, but I collect most of them and scatter them where I want more. LOL! Darkness is required for germination. I think it's best to direct sow where you want them rather than trying to transplant them. Help with outside of 1970's ranch style home, mangomoon - I just let the flower stalk mature and start to dry on the plant. See, this previous blog about identifying young flower volunteer seedlings has a good photo of a larkspur seedling, a list of blog articles covering the basics to help you with your garden in southwest Idaho. Vertical board siding would likely suit the stone better than horizontal. Chill seed for 7 days at 35°F (2°C) to improve germination. Larkspur has been a mainstay of American cutting gardens since colonial times. How close planting combo boxwoods and Hygrangea. but making them slightly longer than the windows, slightly taller than I see here, and quite a bit wider in terms of depth from house; no to the cherry in front of the window or fireplace--rule of thumb is that trees should always frame a home rather than disrupt the view of it; and yes, I emphatically agree with poster "bellburgmaggie" on use and placement of evergreens (plus at least one large and lush fir, staple of any Tudor), on extending the beds around the side of the house (and far side of drive if possible), on the trellis over the drive whenever feasible, and to an overall English garden look, all of which have traditionally complemented Tudor architecture so beautifully. She is a Princess of creative and magical (spiritual) powers. I have a number of seeds (25) per packet I am trading for Heirloom Cucumber Seeds or any veggie seeds that are Heirloom. Log in. A hardy self-seeding annual, it makes an excellent fresh or dried cut flower. You can save some for trade or to plant elsewhere and leave the rest where they are growing. LOL and I thought I was the only one who did that.Annie, it is even more fun being the middle child with the baby being the only boy and only grandson. I collect larkspur by hand. {{gwi:635052}}, My youngest granddaughter's nickname is Mango. Get beautiful blooms and herbs in summer by starting these choice garden picks from seed in spring, Let’s celebrate the homegrown fruits and vegetables of the season. Stay tuned....Last spring I, also, pulled the dried plants and placed them around different flower beds. By the time I finally posted mine there were already 2 posts that I did not see. When I notice that the seed heads are mature I go around with a large paper bag and collect the seeds. Tie them together (I use rubber bands) and place inside a large paper bag.