East Los Angeles is far for the guys to drive but maybe we’ll meet you one day. Block his jabs but watch out for that right hand. There’s no time to remember, no time to think. probably the single worst thing to do is not getting warm and getting into an exchange before having taken a few shots to calm down the nerves. PS. Last year I had my first semi-pro boxing match. . Practice mental training as much as you do physical training. It's an exciting role that bears a lot of responsibility. If he likes to block a lot, start at the body and move your punches up to the head. I wish there were an exact answer for this but Richardson explains, "Since everyone communicates differently, there isn’t a typical amount of time after which couples start arguing." .”, I had my first fight a couple of weeks back – wow, what an experience. Good day Johnny, Please do check my first fight highlight . establish: endurance, position, dominance, How to Be Great, Part 3: Change Your Life. staying warm, loking to fight, feeling out at the start rather than throwing bombs, moving to keep the nerves at bay, and perhaps the best were to try and punch and to act aggressive. Heres my short highlight , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K97LrmDqwM, Iam going to 8 match division I want to win what can I do my first match. P.S i am the guy with the red headgear. I’m screwed” that’s when you will start making mistakes that could cost you the round or the match altogether. (Your body performs better at higher temperatures–hence, the phrase “warming up”.) As your fight approaches, take only small sips of water. If he likes to lean back or step out, throw your punches a little long (hook at the back of his head, not the front). You have to establish your reach and boxing ability. Be ready to take the damage you dish out. My friends, Van and Richard were training hard for the past couple months. Come out with some feeler jabs but watch out for HIS right hand. Then you probably will have good combinations for attacking. My point is….don’t worry….I’m sure you did fine. just awesome. With that in mind, it requires less energy to bounce around than to throw aggressive punches and risk getting countered. he turtled up and wasnt looking to pull the trigger so you were going at his gloves. More training and experience will solve this. Try aiming for the body when your opponent ducks under — he can slip with his head but not his body. Your breathing is your pace. or is it a `practice to perfect’ sort of thing ? THE GOOD NEWS, is that I can help you fight to the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. Reason I started to clinch more during the fight was I was getting really tired think the nerves got to me as it was a big crowd. You’ll feel nauseous or bloated if you have too much water in your stomach. A sincere thank you. I was not nervous at all. After all, you bring two separate people who come from two different families with completely different dynamics, you’re bound to have different points of views.". I wanted to watch a girl fight to see what I should improve on and I learned so much just watching you, thank you! Keep up the good work girl! And that doesn’t look as favorably in the judges eye. Long time ago, things have improved for me since then and yeah he was just kinda walking into me xD. I’ll post a video after and if you can comment that would be brilliant thank you . The 3rd and final round is where you go all-out throwing non-stop punches. Learning boxing techniques I find is so much fun. This section of the site has really inspired and helped me – at least from the information angle…Thanks alot! Coach, The risk of losing, the glory of winning–it’s why you enjoy competing! Hook him when he drops his hands. I train all the time, 6 times a week really hard focusing on everything, i read your articles, but the thing is that such i’ve been boxing for about 2 years, skilled, have sparred a lot with semi pros, and pros, like a lot, really good shape, I go and train at this other gym outside of town whenever i have gas money, when i’m not working or busy with school, but do you think i still should fight even though i’m kind of gymless? Try to keep yourself on balance.You need more jabs and more shots to the body. Should i wear a top for my first fight, I’m getting conflicting views. I am going to have a return fight in 1,5 weeks with her and I would really appreciate any prefight-tips from you. It’s great to lead with quick snappy punches and don’t throw anything hard until it’s time to counter. Your home training should mostly support what you learn at the gym – people who try to teach themselves on their own, or rely on youtube often end up with many bad habits. I hate this , I hate how I lost . The biggest critique from me is that you lift your feet too much while punching. Thanks Johnny, one day I would like to be a coach myself. He said I outboxed her and went above everyone’s expectations. Only you and your trainer will know that answer. If you’re fighting a guy with 3 years when you only have 3 months, then you’re probably not ready for that. Hey Johnny this is me sparring im in the black any advice? Hey, I go boxing 3 times a week, but I don’t think thats enough.. Keep training, man. But I lost… And what bothers me is that I know I could have won. I am a orthodox boxer.I forgot to mention! . classicboxingcoach.com/boxing/2012/05/must-read-for-boxers/ . As for the counter punching it is definetly not a bad thing. Its very inspirational for me that you have share your journey through this article. I’ll continue to work on both. You want to remind the judges who worked harder. Or was there something in specific that concerns you about being older? Anyone can lose once, anyway. I’ve been training for 1-1/2 years and this was my second amateur fight.