Try another pair of earphones. Touch it at the root of your headphone. But if you can hear sound from other headphones then the problem is with your headphone and you need to repair it. This issue usually happens when earphone cords are always tangled or wrapped improperly. Keep your earphones looking neat by removing the excess cords and intertwining the functioning earbuds’ wires. Headsets may play only in one ear depending on your audio settings. However if I unplug the earphones and immediately plug them in again they stop working completely. The wire, at the top where it’s connected to my headphones, got frayed and now there is no sound. You can put an electrical tape on that area when working. The tests show continuity by moving the meter to the right. When nothing happens then touch it one the plug which is above the base. Follow the on-screen prompts for troubleshooting the device. Note though that the audio quality may no longer be as good as it used to. Then you need to place one lead on the wire which is black color and it should be at the metallic junction. Strip all the wires, solder those to the connections and it should appropriate. The arrow of the meter has to move to the right side of. If your headset starts playing in one ear within the warranty period, it’s best to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired or replaced. Aside from saving you some money, repairing your headset lets you help reduce electronic wastes. I have had this PC for around a month and it has been in clean conditions. (The colored wire will be red if you are repairing the headset’s right portion, or green or blue if you’re working on the left section.). Required fields are marked *. Solder the wires to the earphone jack following the illustration below. Turn on your Bluetooth earphones to test it. In the right-pane, click on Playing Audio … Why? The first step is to get a pair of perfectly working earphones and connect them to your device. Let glide the headphone plug. Ensure that the ground wires do not touch the colored wires. Attaching electrical wire will keep the shorted wires together until you fix permanently. Test your Bluetooth headphones to find out if the issue is resolved. Slice through both tips of the plastic cord to expose the wires. Check for the cracks that are in the solder of connections. This will shove the front case and expose the internal components. Return the internal components inside the casing. Keep in mind that repairing your headphones affects its warranty. Put the other lead and touch it to the apex of the headphone plug. And then expose the wires that are connected to the speaker. But before discarding your earphones or attempting a repair, make sure that the issue doesn’t lie with your audio source. Your email address will not be published. From these two, one might move the meter to the right. The first step is to get a pair of perfectly working earphones and … Resolder the loose wire and let it cool before testing the headphones. Red indicates positive and black indicates negative. An Audiophile Guide to Describing Sound – Glossary, Common Audiophile Acronyms and Abbreviations, Common Audio Technical Terms That You Should Know – Glossary, How To Clean Headphones: The Only Guide You Ever Need, Diagnosis: Damaged or disconnected wire near the jack, Diagnosis: Faulty wiring within defective earbud, how to reset each brand of Bluetooth headphones, video on how to fix the wires on your Bluetooth headphones, How to Untangle Headphone Cords: Ultimate Guide, Upgrading the Bottlehead Crack Headphone Amplifier: A Comprehensive Guide, 10 Things An Audiophile Should Know About The iPhone X, The Technology Behind Noise Cancelling Headphones: How It Works, How to Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out? But you need not worry about this. Like before the meter has to move to the right side. The colors of wires are different, in most cases, it is red and black. Insert the two earphones’ jacks into the splitter’s output jacks. Then they work again. Get your monthly roundup of our best articles right straight to your inbox. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This one thing can reduce the feel of your tour as you love to hear songs. please help me. It used to work all the time. When in a hurry, some users yank out their headset’s jack from their mobile phones and laptops. Locate the broken wires and reconnect these using a soldering iron. Below are 3 common causes of malfunctioning wireless headphones and guides on how to fix each. Join the colored wires by twisting them together. Play an audio or video file to test for sound quality. My headphones work on my phone but the right ear is cut out when I’m on my PC. Click on Control Panel in the pop-up menu. Sometimes, a loose or broken wire can cause your earbuds to play only in one ear. Another simple fix you may want to try is restarting your device. Digital Headphone Magazine For Audiophiles. If there is the presence of cracks melt the flux by applying hot soldering iron and again solder the leads. You can check this by clicking on the Sounds icon on your computer, going to Levels, and then selecting Balance. As you are working with wires, you have to be too careful because one mistake can damage the whole headphone functioning. So they start shopping around for a replacement or looking for spare headphones at home. Open the Bluetooth device and remove the casing. But this may fail. With the tips above, you can determine if your earphones simply need a quick fix before buying a new one. Having headsets playing only in one ear can be frustrating, especially if listening to music or watching videos is part of your daily routine. I looked over all the methods (for the wired ones) and my headphones have none of those problems but only one side works. Buying or ordering a new pair is easy. Others disconnect their headsets from devices by tugging at the cord instead of pulling from the plastic base. In this case, follow the tips below for fixing wired and Bluetooth headphones. There are a number of reasons why wired and wireless headphones may start working only on one side. Put an electrical tape around this newly linked section. As such, you must pin down the source of the problem first before trying out any of the quick fixes below. Do you have other tips and tricks for repairing headphones with only one earbud working? If your headphones are functioning well when the aux cable jack is plugged in but start working only on one side when you shift to wireless mode, you may be dealing with a halfway point issue. Remove the plastic cord around one end of your headset cord. Do not pull the case to further open the earbud–doing so can further rip the wires if attached to the front case. The connections are may be intact then skip step 3. Follow the steps below on how to locate and fix shorted earphone wires. However, these won’t spare you from issues that may cause headsets to play only in one ear. You can check the cord also. My merlin earbuds both are working good. You have to keep the wire bend when you are removing the shorted part. Below are several tips and quick fixes you can do if only one of your earbuds is working. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The most common cause is the bent of wires near the audio jack. Check app settings. Cut the wire to check for continuity at the place where you stripped. Then replace the lead of the wire to the plug which was before with the headphone.