Or start indoors 6 weeks early. This particular wild phlox came from Texas, where Drummond spent nearly two … These compact, free flowering plants are ideal for border displays, mass plantings or for adding colour to pots. It grows well in both sun and shade. You may store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark location until spring. Plant seeds indoors before the last frost or outdoors in a prepared bed after all danger of frost has passed. Commonly referred to as annual Phlox or Drummond's Phlox, this low-growing annual features flowers … The species name "drummondii" honors 19th century Scottish botanist Thomas Drummond, who traveled extensively throughout the United States collecting unique plants. The name "phlox" comes from the Greek word for "flame." Phlox Mix (Phlox Drummondii Nana Compacta Beauty Mix) - Annual Phlox Drummondii is often found growing along roadsides in the south eastern portion of the United States. If your West Coast garden could use some color, one of the many phlox plant varieties may do the trick. How to Grow Perennial Phlox in the Garden. The flats should then be sunk into the ground in a fully shaded part of the garden, and covered with glass. Flowering throughout summer, half-hardy annual phlox, Phlox drummondii cultivars and seed mixes, can add colour to borders and large containers. Remove them when dry and crack over a container to capture the seed. When growing perennial phlox from seeds it is best to do so outdoors. Alternatively, use them to fill in gaps at the front of your borders. Drummond Phlox is an annual with lightly fragrant flowers that bloom in midsummer. Easy to grow. phlox-drummondii-dwarf-2 phlox-drummondii-dwarf-3 (1) Create a carpet of richly coloured blooms throughout the warmer months. Sow phlox seeds outdoors in late spring. Sowing Phlox drummondii Seeds. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Phlox fruits dry on the plant and then are ready for harvest. Sow the seeds into flats, and lightly cover the seeds in the autumn. Phlox species come in two varieties — tall-growing and creeping. Easy-to-grow from Phlox seeds, this Phlox Drummondii mix is colorful and vibrant not demanding too much attention or care. How to Grow Annual Phlox. How to grow annual phlox. Phlox drummondii Seeds. How to Start Phlox Seed.