I used stain + lacquer and it took 2-3 days total … A husband is a good thing, I’m gathering from these recent hacks. Handy hubby Larry whips up this mega-sized cutting table for his wife’s fabric and sewing business. Materials: Expedit (3 each of 2×2), casters (4 or 5), two sheets of plywood, screws, wood joiner, L-bracketsDescription: 1. Cooking is way more fun when cutting chillies, not fingers. Materials: Expedit 4×2 units, Vika Amon tabletop, Ribba picture ledge Description: This is a cutting table for craft and sewing projects.The base is two Ikea Expedit units (4×2) that I put on their sides and connected together. To connect them together I used the brackets that come with the Expedits that are meant to connect them to the wall. Add a few chopping boards for safer surfaces to chop on. They keep their edges for a long time – but we have easy to use sharpening tools when needed. She wanted a new cutting table for the space with … He says, “My wife runs an internet-based fabric and sewing business and recently took some office space. Prep the plywood first, according to instructions because the drying time can be long. Our kitchen knives are shaped to give you a good grip while being comfortable to use.