If you’re considering whether or not becoming a chief resident is the right fit, the Residency Program Director for Internal Medicine at the University of Utah has some advice for you. :) Final thoughts about chief residency: You find great lessons about leadership there. A residency may follow the internship year or include the internship year as the first year of residency. It’s probably time for introspection about what I have learned during this journey and what I … Being chief can be good because it gives you the opportunity to be in middle management. By Hopefully, you will turn that back inside to give you insight to how you acted as a resident and what qualities really matter in people at all levels of healthcare. That's my take on the chief thing. Thank you for checking out our website and program, we look forward to hearing from you. Chief resident announcement. We spoke for a while, and I decided to apply. What do chief residents do and what are their roles on the medical team? Fort Worth is a city larger than Detroit, Seattle, and Las Vegas and is located in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States. However, you will learn so much about systems and people. So, there you have it, Roy. Now, I have finished 70% of my tenure as a chief resident and a blogger. Deadline for Registration – May 15, 2020. My journey as a chief resident and a blogger started at the same time. With that said, Fort Worth somehow maintains a rustic and family-friendly vibe. Campaigning to be chief resident generally guarantees you won't be. I definitely have my chief year to thank for that. Middle management is not fun. Whereas in other fields, especially specialties, chiefs are senior residents, typically in their final year, that are expected to juggle the responsibilities of chiefdom with those of their regular resident duties. Even if they hurt sometimes. Chief Resident Leadership Skills Conference – now held online! May 29 – May 30, 2020 (Friday-Saturday) Registration for the conference can be found by clicking here. Residency is a stage of post-graduate medical training. I knew that I would be training at a high volume, high acuity trauma center. The best way to become one is to do a great job. Important to note that in some specialities, like IM, a chief year is an additional year. Lockdowns Haven’t Proved They’re Worth the Havoc The U.S. survived the 1968 pandemic without shutting down society, and there isn’t much evidence that shutdowns are truly effective this time. A resident physician/surgeon is a doctor who has received a medical degree and practices medicine under the supervision of fully licensed physicians and/or surgeons, usually in a hospital or clinic.