Keep in mind that the nutrition info per serving may change depending on the size of the balls you make. This recipe uses only 5 ingredients- 6 if you count the vanilla. Then, you add tasty low-carb goodies to go with the flavor. Keto fat bombs are made from a high-fat base such as nut butter, coconut oil, avocados, or cream cheese. One keto cinnamon rolls fat bomb (approx. Keto Fat Bombs are one of the best low-carb high-fat snacks you can have available to handle cravings and get into ketosis faster! Calories: 388 Carbs: 7.1g Protein: 7.5g Fat: 33.7g Continue Reading This is usually ingredients like sugar-free chocolate for a sweet fat bomb or bacon for a savory fat bomb. 0.6oz/17g and 1″ or 2.5cm) has approx. Creamy Cheesecake fat bombs are bites of heaven and a keto dieter’s dream with just 1 g net carbs!! Best Tasting Keto Fat Bombs 1. Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs (Via Wholesome Yum) What the heck is a fat bomb… Top with chocolate or coconut and enjoy these low-carb fat bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing flavor. You’ll need heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, natural peanut butter, Swerve confectioners , vanilla and unsweetened chocolate. You can check it out here. ) (By the way, this fat bomb mold is my favorite and very highly rated! These chocolate keto fat bombs are packed with five sources of healthy fat and contain only 4 grams of net carbs per serving. Loaded with energy and totally delicious, fat bombs are an essential part of being successful on your keto diet. 0.5g net carbs (1.2g total carbs and 0.7g dietary fiber), 11.4g fat, 2.5g protein, and 116 calories. Check out these 30 keto fat bomb recipes below and let me know what your favorite fat bomb is that you want to try! This fat bomb is so delicious that you will quickly forget that they are keto.