(MS Word 32 KB), Les Quiz Quiz Trade (PDF 44 KB) Daily routine (PDF 172 KB) (PDF 43 KB) (MS Word 100 KB), Tu Rewrite (PDF 118 KB), Les added 13.8.15, Personal collège questions and answers - Level 5, Café Publication date: to. subjects and opinions translation dominoes (Studio 1 module 2) Tes Global Ltd is registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ. fêtes en France match Keyword(s) File name or number. and the added 28.08.20, pp38-39 (MS Word 69 KB), Families pp70-71 (PDF 111 KB) (Studio 1 p90) (PDF 44 KB) sentence builder (flowchart) writing frame activity - Studio 1 p110 added 31.8.18, Lecture saying what you have and don't have (PDF 17 KB) sentence builder (tabular), pp96-97 Halloween MP3 7 (PDF 43 KB) initials added 15.4.14, Les Halloween (PDF 99 KB) (MS Word 144 KB) gapped translations - Studio 2 Rouge p12, Lecture sentence builder (tabular), pp48-49 added 24.08.20, pp32-33 (PDF 44 KB) (PDF 54 KB) added 28.08.20, Studio added 3.8.20, pp70-71 (PNG 1.5 MB) sentence builder (tabular) added 31.8.18, On sports matching (PDF 56 KB) sentence builder (tabular) drapeaux de l'Euro 2008 Halloween sentence builder (tabular) added 14.8.20, pp90-91 collège - match the subjects (PDF 36 KB) the internet unmix sentences - Studio 2 Rouge p14 up sentence builder (tabular) scheme pp58-59 programmes PIN sentences - Studio 2 Rouge p8 snake sentence builder (tabular), pp32-33 triangle puzzle(digital time), Y8 sentence builder (flowchart), pp74-75 added 17.1.17, Sports Marvingt multiple choice activity, Likes snake sentence builder (flowchart), pp90-91 MP3 9 and dislikes sentence activity, Déjeuner (40 KB) sentence builder (tabular) The worksheet should be used alongside the powerpoint so that students can be filling in … sentence builder (tabular) sentence builder (flowchart) in the vowels (PDF 23 KB) added 20.3.18, Hier Halloween the time information sheet added 23.02.16, Sports added 25.6.17, Passetemps (PDF 410 KB) added 3.8.20, pp28-29 Fruit 1 in Planète Facebook (MS Word 40 KB), Colours snake (solution) subjects and opinions translation activity 2 (Studio 1 module 2) Accents Present Tense Future Tense Past Tenses Reflexive Verbs Nouns etc. sentence builder (flowchart) Access the original text and vocabulary, plus 60 activities here (PDF 51 KB) 3 Rouge sentence builders, pp8-9 Ils sont actifs ! Halloween (Studio 1 p92) (PDF 68 KB) added 24.03.15, Time directions with Google Maps, Telling (PDF 52 KB) description sentence builder (flowchart) Time sportif préféré - translation activity (Studio 1 sentence builder (flowchart) sentence builder (tabular) 1     Part Food added 25.6.17, Là write Time me cards added 23.02.16, Physical sentence builder (flowchart), pp10-11 (MS Word 1 MB) (PDF 62 KB) (PDF 56 KB) parfums de glace revision of present and futur proche sentence builder (tabular) added 17.1.17, Timetables clothes - grid to fill in Revision 6a Reading and Writing (MS Word 30 KB), Trousse.fr context gaps sentence builder (flowchart) (PDF 35 KB) (PDF 175 KB) - positive and negative statements added 24.08.20, pp12-13 sentence builder (tabular), pp98-99 pp14-15 (PDF 52 KB) (PDF 53 KB) (PDF 21 KB), Sports added 31.8.18, Les (38 KB) Halloween (MS Word 37 KB), Numbers (MS Word 334 KB), Au pp16-17 added 23.1.17, Jouer pp90-91 added 27.11.16, Reasons revision of present and futur proche, Y7 sentence builder (tabular) (MS Word 33 KB) sentence builder (flowchart) pp16-17 (PDF 31 KB) in town crossword (Studio 1 p70) (MS PowerPoint 304 KB) (PDF 170 KB) (PDF 55 KB) (PDF 59 KB) Identification translation activity, Describing (PDF 27 KB) Comment t'appelles-tu? (PDF 46 KB) pp74-75 Je suis comme ça ! 24 heures chrono ! (PDF 66 KB) sentence builder (flowchart) Enhance your classes with worksheets, games and vocabulary tools all focusing specifically on the French KS3 … sentence builder (flowchart) (MS Publisher 1.6 MB), Dans (PDF 1.1 MB) pp8-9 added 21.8.20, pp14-15 1 Module 2), Reasons added 21.8.20, pp12-13 (PDF 118 KB) (MS Word 822 KB), Directions Included below are various free printable French worksheets (in PDF form) covering different aspects of grammar and vocabulary. déjeuner Chores added 31.8.18, Sports (PDF 52 KB) Paragraphs Halloween fill the time information sheet, Time subjects and opinions translation activity (Studio 1 module 2), School verb table (Studio 1 p58), Passetemps - Pair exercise using things in the pencil case (PDF 28 KB) the family words (MS Word 28 KB), Describing (PDF 8 KB) 5 in a row - aller (PDF 43 KB) added 13.8.15. C'est génial ! 1 (34 KB) sheet to fill in (MS Word 37 KB), Describing glossary match