To everyone's regret, Mentor stopped her. Through science or some kind of genetic manipulation to bring superhuman (or in this case super-deviant) kind of abilities to the subject. Deviant Mutates are much like human mutates like The Fantastic Four or Spider-man. There was one extreme, the other extreme, and something of a middle ground control group. Tragedy struck when the Uranian colony of Eternals were wiped out by natural disasters. In any event, The Eternals is one of his lesser-known works. I've read Kirby stuff. Well, the Earth has Deviants... and, boy, are they screwed up. Who wants another civil war, especially when your brother would be the antagonist? As you would expect from the scientific method, the Celestials made the Eternals the control group—but only in the sense that the beings would remain sort of stagnant. Few people talk about the Titanian Eternals anymore. They are extremely powerful, and they operate as a primal force within the Marvel Universe. I'm unsure if you can call the Eternals the control group in this Celestial experiment done over a million years ago or whether they were just the most successful of the three experiment groups between humans, Eternals, and Deviants. Advanced alien beings visit a planet and run some experiments. After The Skyfathers got their collective asses kicked, the Celestials threatened to come back in a millennium to judge Earth on whether or not it should continue. But, let's remember, this is the world of Jack Kirby. The Earth-mothers offered twenty perfect humans for the space-gods to play with and then they went away to create a perfect little Eden for them. The Skyfathers took the wrong kind of stance with the Celestials. If all of the Celestials of the Fourth Host took on the combined might of all of the Elder Gods, which team would come out on top? Curious about the stars, Oshturleft Earth ten of thousands of years before the conflict … Celestials > Elder Gods >= Skyfathers. When they show up on Earth, it's a really big thing. No one really knows the origins of the Celestials other than they were around for a billion, jillion, squillion years back when Galactus was still getting rid of his baby teeth. Robert had acquired a set of quantum bands that gave him light-based powers. Do you decipher the complexities of its language, the utterance of which would tip a mortal mind into madness? The "Elder Gods" is a term designating multiple groups. Blackwulf, a Deviant of that planet, has inherited and is afflicted by the Black Legacy, which makes his every touch (whenever it flares) deadly. By day he is mild-mannered cartoonist Mark Milton and has a weakness toward keeping a name free from alliteration. The Eternal Civil War between Uranos and Kronos as told by Eon in Captain Marvel #29. It wasn't. The other thing that happened was that Kronos's body disintegrated. In any case, the Eternals started on Earth before they began their space-ward migration to other worlds. The Kree did it with the Inhumans. The archetypes are practically identical. One group lives in Olympus and the other lives in Olympia. Initially, the Eternals were just long-lived humans and in that respect, the Eternals kept to themselves - despite their self-assigned role of being humanity's protectors. Ironically, Karkas is a gentle soul and highly intelligent with an eidetic memory and would be more at home in a library than an arena. And everything was running just great... until... Sui-San had two children. The Celestials in Marvel Comics are some of the oldest, most powerful entities in the universe. After a bit of genetic engineering and cloning was done to repopulate the moon, lo and behold, Titan became a utopia. Chris Peruzzi is a comic book superhero historian who is passionate about how today's comic book heroes are the new mythology for America. Chthon, Set and and the Vishanti are insanely powerful in their own rights and should be above any individual Celestial. Well, a little knowledge can really go a long way. We have Eternals that rooted out to other extraterrestrial adventures and we also have Deviants that I'm certain have remained within Marvel's continuity since the time of the Hyborean Age of Conan the Barbarian. The Deviants are the radical group. First of all, there is no heredity factor present through parent and offspring other than they inherit nothing from their parent and will pass nothing stable to their children outside of the quality of instability. There are a few Celestials you should know by name. He created a weapon. Here is a list of the more well-known Eternals of Earth and what they're all about. And me imagining a Celestial with chopsticks and wasabi. As I mentioned before, the Celestials did a lot of work around the universe. The Black Ones were dedicated to the wishes of The First Firmament and followed its dictates, however the Multicolored Ones rebelled against it by attempting to create a dynamic and constantly evolving universe to become more powerful (hence creating evolution). This is awesome in a therapeutic sort of way but yucky for Eternals that may accidentally share a toothbrush. RELATED:Thor Loser: 15 Heroes Who Beat Thor When we think of Celestials, we should start thinking of them as "space gods." There's a lot of the characters that hail from Atlantis and Lemuria which would imply there's some of the Submariner's continuity in there somewhere. The latest story origin theory regarding the Celestials goes back to a time when the universe was a sentient organism (known as "The First Firmament"—much like the origin of The Beyonder in the original run of Secret Wars I & II) and it was lonely. This red and gold figure has a history much like Superman's. The third group was the Deviants, which we'll talk about later. When we think of these characters, we need to remember there's a story behind the super-powers. Upon the sight of first seeing Thanos, Sui-San wanted to do a very, very, very late-term abortion. The best way I can describe it was the Skyfathers were like the drunk idiots at a bar who scream at everyone that they can beat the hell out of anyone in the room. Some of the Eternals are really good at what they do. With his brother gone, Kronos created a utopia where he had two sons. The ritual of the Unimind physically unites all Eternals who participate in it. The Elder Gods are incredibly powerful ethereal beings with vast cosmic powers, who are the survivors of the first wave of entities that were spawned by the Demiurge visiting Earthsoon after its formation, 4 billion years ago. It was after that she was institutionalized (Mentor created an entire civilization and an insane asylum just for the sake of thoroughness). Kirby's ideas infect others. When a premise is started with a bunch of highly advanced all-powerful alien beings starting the concept of evolution with primitive Earthlings as a Petri-dish amongst thousands of millions of worlds, I thought it would be very cut and dry. This is something that few human beings take the time to do. Old Ones/Guardians Of Time (DW) vs Celestials (Marvel) Discussion in 'Vs. This time it was with The Eternals. To some, they are literal space gods. Unless the Disney/Marvel PR people start working overtime prior to the movie, Makkari, Zuras, and Ikaris won't be household names and their action figures won't be flying off of the shelf. Robert, later returned to Earth and began a superhero career as Marvel Boy. Gaea begged for Arishem and the Fourth Host not to destroy earth and gave them the young gods in exchange for earth's survival. Here's where we must begin... with the Celestials. I guess when you find out you're going to live forever, you should build someplace large and palatial to hang your hat... or helmet... or whatever headgear you're used to wearing. Space Gods Without the Religion. A more typical subject in Deviant society is Karkas, a deviant mutate with red elephant-like hide, sharp teeth, and metallic-like claws. To others, they are just plain awesome. I was sorely tempted to name this section "Deviants: Nigh Immortal Freaks of Nature". Hence they were constantly evolving to fit whatever the situation was in their environment. The Uranian Eternal colony managed to develop into a civilization that became scientifically advanced and was well ahead of Earth science by the time Doctor Horace Grayson and his son, Robert, migrated from Earth in the middle of the 20th century.