The simple reason being that in urban areas there is no expansive land to carry out agriculture. During your design of the entire operation of your poultry farm it is important to remember to create or seclude a space for your poultry food. So, based on this scientific argument, chances are that in the coming years, new treatments to boost the quicker growth of poultry will be improvised so that no antibiotic-resistant effects are felt among consumers. A worthy mention must also go to the kienyeji chicken that is a big delicacy among Kenyans and whose eggs and meat are highly sought after. Both organic and inorganic methods are used for commercial poultry farming in Kenya. Broilers need a different feed as they need more proteins to begin with and later need more fat to ensure they develop into the tasty takeout go to meal we all love. Copyright © 2020 Slugline Media. To get on to it, you must be asking how to join the poultry farming industry in Kenya and get your chunk of the great revenue. a plot of land of 120 x 60 square meters is okay for setting up medium scale poultry farm in Kenya, at least for a start. There are some poultry products buying companies in Kenya that are not accepting inorganic poultry products (meat and eggs). Finding a market for your products should be relatively doable. All Rights Reserved. The two most common types for poultry farming in Kenya are : Organic Poultry Farming; Inorganic poultry farming; Organic Poultry Farming. So for a beginner, the information below is for you. Main Types of poultry farming in Kenya. Chicken is the main type of poultry kept in Kenya. Look at this, according to the World Bank Development Index, 73 % of Kenyans were living in rural areas by 2016. Currently, china is the leading chicken rearing nation with its chicken population at a whooping three billion chicken. Some health conscious people are rejecting all types … 10 Ways of Preventing Infectious Poultry Diseases. The following steps are a simple way to get started. This will go to building the chicken house, getting the needed machinery and equipment as seen above, chicken food and also on buying the first batch of birds. Poultry is very sensitive to aflatoxins and the method many farmers have used by using rotten maize is not very commendable. And will our current farming methods worth it? Poultry farming in Kenya cannot be taken away from the discussion that addresses the future of Kenya. The standard bird needs around four square feet per bird of space within the structure. Great by themselves and a much required ingredient for several other recipes, eggs are also a big market for poultry farmers. Chemicals on them and also broilers have found to have the aflatoxins in their meat. In the recent years, you can tell that this market has grown at a big rate with more poultry farming experts showing up all over the internet. Risk management is putting aside funding to cater for all the what ifs of business. Some of the equipment is basic and the complexity varies with use. There must be considerations for where to put the incubators. It is a better and more effective method of ensuring the mixes are well done and there is even distribution of all the needed ingredients. Chicken that have been fed chicken mixes high in aflatoxins have been found to lay eggs with these. Below are some recipes to help with producing your own chicken food and hopefully save some money this maximizing on profits. The journey starts below. Hence, GMO technology might seem like a reliable option to produce enough poultry to feed the large populations that will be present. It is therefore wise to get insured of plan a risk management strategy of your choice. It has a population of about 1.9 billion chicken. → Advertise It is also important to note that different ages of birds require different ingredients in their feed to maximize on growth and overall health of the birds.