If, though, for some reason the car failed the inspection; it can be re-inspected as soon as the problems have been fixed, even on the same day. I would recommend to buy everything on the left side of the store (which will cost 1,995 mk). Do the same with the second cylinder cap opening. Since it will probably take a good bit of time both in and out of game to complete your first car, you will want to stock up on as many resources as you possibly can ahead of time. It's time to dig deep into your car building process and start making all the internal connections that will turn this hunk of metal from a collection of parts to a fully running vehicle. Get inside the car, pull the choke all the way out (by holding left mouse button on it), turn on the ignition and start the motor. Try posting in Help and Support, the Steam forum, or in the comment section below. Holding the right mouse button on the choke, it pulls itself all the way out. Most damageable parts are in critical condition at the start of the game. In order to do that, there are information on how to get the van. Attach the gear stick with 6mm screws (x3), Attach the handbrake with 8mm screws (x4). Once you have installed performance parts and gotten used to taking off without stalling, you can lean the mixture to 14.7-15.1; this will give plenty of high end power and allow you to hit the rev limiter in top gear, as well as accelerate very quickly, provided you shift late to keep the RPM as high as possible. Attach two drum brakes with 14mm screws (x1 each), Attach RL and RR wheel steel with 13mm screws (x4 each), Attach main bearings 1, 2 and 3 with 9mm screws (x2 each), Attach pistons 1, 2, 3, and 4 with size 7 nuts (x2 each), Attach the head gasket (no screws needed), Attach the cylinder head with 7mm screws (x10), Place the motor hoist on top of the engine, Fasten the engine to the motor hoist with 10mm screws (x2). Tighten the caps again when you are finished. Here's the order in which you need to attach your parts (and what screws or bolts you need to use): The next major step in this process is putting together the rear suspension. My Summer Car How To- Adjusting valves on a turned off engine. Hop out of the car and loosen the bolt once -- but DON'T totally unscrew it, Tighten it once so that it stops squeaking. After all -- you only start with the room full of parts and no descriptions of how any of them fit together. However, you will need at least [one] fan belt, three brake/clutch fluids, one motor oil, [and] one coolant.". Grab the hoist and use it to lift up the engine. You'll need to come back here often to switch out tools as necessary. But if you only want to invest in a few pieces here and there, below is a full list of each part you can upgrade and how much it costs: That wraps up our guide to building a working car in My Summer Car! Dark smoke means you are running too rich, popping and cracking combined with the engine temperature steadily rising means you are running far too lean. To start a car (especially a Datsun 100A or other cars with a choke lever), pull the choke all the way up, located below the radio on the dashboard meters, holding the left mouse button. Attach the alternator with a 7mm screw (x1) on top and a size 10 nut (x1) on the bottom. You might also want some way of cooling yourself down, because you will get very, very hot and frustrated from building and playing a lot. Once it's up, you'll need to add more parts in the following order: Now that you've got your rear suspension built, lower the floor jack and remove it. My Summer Car Guide: The Most Fun Way to Find The Shop, 12 Truly Bizarre Games That Will Make You Wonder WTF You're Even Playing. Other ways of making money include collecting bales around the map and deliver them to a farmer. Place the clutch master cylinder and the break master cylinder between the engine and the frame of the car using 8mm screws (x2) on the engine side and 9mm screws (x1 each) on the cabin side. Once it passes inspection, register your plates. This guide includes everything you need to know about My Summer Car. A few common problems people have and how to troubleshoot. This last step is optional, but we're willing to bet that you'll take advantage of it at some point or another. This can be done by using the 10mm spanner/ratchet after fully tightening the camshaft gear, the gear will rotate after being bolted in. Drive the car on the lift inside the garage, turn it off, put on the handbrake, and walk to the cheerful man at the desk. Don't try to adjust the valvetrain just yet -- we'll do that later. Press F to open the spanner or ratchet set and then press 2 to enter tool mode, press 1 to go back to normal mode, pick a spanner or ratchet with LMB while in tool mode. The clutch cylinder uses brake fluid. The van can be found at Uncle Kesseli's House and you'll need to get the keys from him when he's in. Then raise the hoist again and put it away. Here are all Fleetari's services. You might want to run to the store in the van to stock up on food and drinks before you start building the car. One thing you'll notice about My Summer Car, you're going to need to drink a few berooskis otherwise there's a chance there may be a keyboard going through the wall.