The best purple shampoos you can use immediately after bleaching your hair are L'Oreal EVER PURE, Kerastase BLOND ABSOLUT, Joico BALANCE COLOR PURPLE, Clairol SHIMMER LIGTHS, Nexxus BLONDE ASSURE Among the best dry shampoos, Dove’s Dry Shampoo will be your best bet. We've curated the ultimate list of the best purple shampoos for every texture, shade, and budget. It's also a sulfate-free shampoo, so it won’t leave your hair dry the way many other purple shampoos do. View Gallery 20 Photos 1 of 20. For Dry Hair. Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo, Color Care Shampoo, For Blonde Hair Keratin Protein is our premiere purple shampoo for all our blonde hair needs. A powerful purple shampoo with enough pigment to actually correct brassy and yellow tones, this leaves behind the perfect icy color, says celebrity stylist Rikki Gash. To succeed in doing so, you should invest in a color-friendly shampoo; one such shampoo is Dove’s Dry Shampoo. The best purple shampoo for dry hair Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo, $15, Often times, bleached hair becomes brittle and grey hair turns wiry, so having a fortifying ingredient, along with the purple tint, can help keep strands feeling soft and looking shiny. A tall glass of water, this is the best shampoo for blonde hair weakened by bleach and dying chemicals. At Nexxus, we know that hair is made of around 90% proteins, which is why we use advanced scientific methods to identify the protein needs of each hair … Experts often recommend washing purple dyed hair with a dry shampoo as it prevents hair cuticles to open up and fade away quicker than its due time. The Nexxus purple shampoo was designed with silver, ... With gentle surfactants forgiving on dry and damaged hair, tone down that brass with the Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo!