3 terms. When a good is both non rival and non excludable it becomes a pure public good. A non-excludable good is a good that can be used by everyone because price doesn't restrict access to the good. kassidy_stewart. PhotoAlto / Sigrid Olsson / Getty Images . Non Excludable Good. 84 terms. Examples of Non-rivalrous in the following topics: The Free-Rider Problem. 0 0. Saeed. If the good is rival but not excludable the private market's incentive is to do ___ ___ of the activity. Source(s): https://shorte.im/bbQAw. In economics, a public good (also referred to as a social good or collective good) is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous.For such utilities, users cannot be barred from accessing and/or using them for failing to pay for them.Also, use by one person neither prevents access of other people nor does it reduce availability to others. EC 110 Test 3. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... Econ 110 UA (walsh) test 1A. But any process that makes value added, Like refining, Change water to rival good. For example, some public parks charge an entrance fee and have fences preventing entrance, which excludes some people from … consumption and are non-excludable Non-rival in consumption: One individual’s consumption of a good does not a ect another’s opportunity to consume the good. 9 years ago. It becomes impossible for market to allocate these goods. Non-excludable: Individuals cannot deny each other the op-portunity to consume a good. This creates the need for government intervention in provision of these goods. Rival Good vs. Non-Rival Good Goods are either classified as rival or non-rival. Rivalry in Consumption . Too much...most likely producing negative externalities. ——————————————————————————————– Assignment 2 13. No one is willing to produce these goods. and every body that want to use this processed water, must pay. A producer can choose to make a good non-excludable by setting a price of zero. HaileyGreene_ EC110 Test 2. As already explained, a rival good is something that can only be possessed or consumed by a single user. But in other cases goods are non-excludable by choice or design. Sometimes, things labeled non-excludable are not truly non-excludable. EC 110 Chapter 10. kassidy_stewart. 02. of 09. kassidy_stewart . Things like public parks and roads are often considered non-excludable goods. 64 terms. water is not rival good. ; It is the second trait- the non-excludability- that leads to what is called the free-rider problem. 81 terms. Public goods, as you may recall, are both non-rivalrous and non-excludable.