From that corridor, aim the bow in to your left and target where the boss will pass. After sniping the chariot to around 25%, the executioner will fall into the pit and die from any single ranged attack, like an arrow, making this the easiest boss in the game (See strategy V above). The fighting phase of it can be done by ranged or melee, which ever you prefer. As an example, a Greatsword R1, triggered the instant the boss jumps will always connect and do decent damage. This is the one. Once this lever is pulled, the main gate will close and you must wait for the chariot to come around again to start phase two. Phase 1: The key here is to rush towards each of the two Necromancers and take them out before the Skeletons can catch up, avoiding the Chariot by hiding in alcoves as you go along. If you are on the side of the horse he will throw his head sideways and attempt to hit you. Once he begins to blow breath attack, avoid it by going to his side or ducking into an alcove. When you start from Huntsman's Copse, first clear out all of the enemies up until the mist gate that leads to Executioner's Chariot. Once this necromancer is finished and the skeletons are kill, wait for the chariot to pass once more, then run to the opposite side of the arena and pull the lever found there. Upon killing the charioteer, the chariot's horse acts much like a Fang Boar from the original Dark Souls. After that is the second Necromancer to the right; the player should avoid the Chariot this time by hiding or rolling (rolling shouldn't be done too early) at the side ways of the Chariot, then after the second curve there is … The only way to avoid damage from the chariot is to duck inside one of the numerous alcoves in the walls. The Executioners Chariot is a boss found in the Undead Purgatory. To fight this boss again on NG: You need to use a Bonfire Ascetic on the Undead Purgatory Bonfire, none of the Huntsman Bonfires. After casting, stand in one of the alcoves and wait). This is the cheapest and easiest way of killing it. Then immediately run to the corridor the necromancer is in and spam it with R2 dagger attacks until it is dead. After the chariot passes the first time, this should give you enough time to get to the Necromancer. Then run back to the very beginning and hide in the corridor opposite to the fog door you entered. Dodge by rolling forward and to the side. There are a total of two Necromancers in this boss fight. Hide in one of the side holes and wait for the boss to pass. First is running as fast as possible and hugging the left wall--depleting the stamina bar will force the cool down of running to initiate thus preventing the player from running. You don't want it to charge you as it is more difficult to dodge and can deal serious damage. The second is linked with the other four. Once you enter the room, a cut-scene will occur showing a skeleton pulling a lever which raises a gate. I just spammed lingering flame at him to win. Since the chariot is jumping, it cannot hit you here. A version of the above strategy is also available for melee builds. Another method: kill all necromancers as explained, and run to the pit the chariot jumps over. Being behind the horse will trigger him to stand on his two front legs and kick at you with his back ones. Shoot or cast a spell as he comes near to damage him. This requires near-perfect timing and can be made easier with a higher. Undead Purgatory After you shoot it, you have plenty of time to dodge into the alcove. Although the Executioner appears to be the master of the chariot, it's actually the horse that controls the machine and carries out its creator's will to torture the undead. This is the perfect time to use magic or pyromancy that has a long cast time for big damage. Three Skeleton can trap you in one of the cut offs so be careful once you enter one. You may also try to bait it into doing its front stomp attack or dodging its breath attack and then getting a few blows in. For melee just circle the horse and wait from him to attack first. Alternate strategy (ranged or magic users). I just wanna throw out there watch out for your equipment durability one boss fight failure on this boss broke all 4 pieces of my aurous invisible set and my dark pyromancy flame, so just take that into account with this boss. NG The Horse will breathe a stream of Dark breath from his mouth. Once the bosses health is low enough, it will miss the jump and end up hanging off the pit. Stand with your back against the right hand wall, facing the opposite wall, and as close to the edge of the pit as you can safely be. Dark Souls II Soundtrack OST - Executioner's Chariot, 'Dark Souls II' - 9. (Both Yearn and Alluring Skulls are useful here to keep the skeletons busy while running for the Necromancers.)