Remember the sewing machine won’t trim away your excess fabric in the same way as an overlocker will. Select stitch . In this sewing tutorial, I am going to show you how to use an overcast stitch on a regular sewing machine and how to finish seams without a serger using a variety of overcasting presser feet. Use the overcast stitches in your machine and see what a difference this foot makes in their appearance and functionality! An overcast stitch is used to finish raw fabric edges. … Use the bright LCD display screen with computerized stitch selection to choose from a range of decorative, quilting or heirloom stitches … Learn types of seam finishes, types of overcast presser feet and how to use an overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine. For more information, refer to How to change or select a stitch . Enter the overcast stitch. There are many different stitches you can use on your sewing machine to finish your raw edges, but the overcast stitch remains my favorite. - There are six stitches that can be used for overcasting which are stitches 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Select a stitch. Of all the overcasting stitches on my machine… Overcast stitch is that special stitch which you use to neaten up your edges. The Brother XM2701 sewing machine offers 27 built-in stitches including blind hem, decorative, and quilting stitches with an automatic one-step buttonholer for virtually perfect buttonholes. How to use overcast presser feet to make overcasting stitches It prevents unraveling of the raw edges of the fabric – when sewn by machine as well as by hand. The Overlock Foot is used for sewing overcast seams and protect edges from fraying. 3. 2. This is the link to my written tutorial on the blog link to my tutorial on making silk pillowcases link to my tutorial on making a lined zippered pouch without dented corners link to my tutorial on making a pillow About the Product. Brother SA135 Overlock Vertical Foot. Sew with the edge of the fabric against the presser foot guide. My sewing machine requires the Overcasting Foot (Janome foot C) for this stitch, which has a fabric guide to help sew straight and wires on the foot to help the threads lie properly. DREAMSTITCH XC3098051 Snap On Overcasting Presser Foot (G) for Babylock,Brother,Simplicity,Singer Sewing Machine Alt:BL66-OF, OCF, XE6305101, X51162001, XC3098-031 4.6 out of 5 stars 209 $7.90 3. The purpose is to prevent the cut fabric edges from unraveling. Position the fabric with the edge of the fabric against the guide of the presser foot, and then lower the presser foot lever. Position the fabric with the edge of the fabric against the guide of the presser foot, and then lower the presser foot lever. The XM2701 has been engineered for easy use, featuring 6 quick-change sewing feet, including buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, narrow hemmer, blind stitch, and button sewing feet. Read more. Attach the overcasting foot G or zigzag foot J. It is essentially a zig-zag stitch with more structure. In this sewing tutorial you will find answers on these questions: how do you stop seams from fraying with an overcast stitch, how do you finish a seam with zig zag, how do you overcast, is overcasting the same as overlocking, does my sewing machine have an overlock stitch? Treat the Designer in you to a range of professional features in the CS5055PRW, a Project Runway™ Limited Edition computerized sewing machine with 50 built-in stitches, including 5 styles of auto-size buttonholes. Overcast stitch is an edge finishing stitch – that can be sewn equally well by hand sewing as well as by a sewing machine. See stitch … 2. 4. Overcast stitches can be done