"pinch" മലയാള വ്യാഖ്യാനം, അര്‍ഥം. OH!! i m a gujarati and i dnt understand this language at all...bt i just love this song...i have been listening to it all day since i downloaded this song...the singer's got a magical voice..beautiful song...mellifluous is the rite word :), what a song ???!!! but the tune blew my heart. The song is about a girl who has fallen in love but unable to express her love to her lover. Tamil Meaning: வீட்டில் போர்டிங், உணவக்ம் ... a large degree of skepticism regarding his proposal for distance requirements when he grouped student housing into the same category as boarding houses and group homes ... boarding schools and prep schools would feel the financial pinch. They lightly pinch each other by uttering the expression “Same Pinch” and the one who is being pinched have to reply by saying “Thank you”. Hindi Cover for Nenjukkulehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2s4XkbAyuM. As much as may be taken between the finger and thumb; any very small quantity; as, a pinch of snuff. Kasa noi is Pulmonary tuberculosis btw ... thanks for the precise meaning for semi-tamilites like me... Oh my god,its awesome. The poem has a very good use of rhyme and alliteration. Seriously terrifying stuffs from The morzat of Madras,vairamuthu sir n saktishree gopalan.. The translation is good. In which book of vairamuthu , is this song/kavidai present?? listened to this song in a bus on the way to nandi hills from bangalore city. Its an act of friendship and joyfulness when you find your close friend have some commonalities by coincidence. In cinema itself there won't be like this translation. This was done with help of a southie colleague. such a nice memory. Actually I don't know the language at all. The meaning of this song really touched my heart, about the girl who is unable to express....felt same for me in a way! Still unable to express what i felt like...somehow it relates, thanks for posting it! for example if u and ur friend is wearing similiar clothes or of the same colour then u say same pinch. it is 'valathu kai kadiyaram' which means watch on the right hand. usually we … In cinema it self there won't be any song like this. It is usually used to say that there is some similiarity. There could be no song like this..i like this song very much. so reply as fast as soon. Arre yaar koy ishe hindi mey translate karo warna mey to mar jaunga itna bechen ho gaya hu.someone please help me. irritate as if by a nip, pinch, or tear; press tightly; be stingy; steal; arrest Called also pinch bar. its valadukai gadigaram..N.. Nenjukuzhiyil nizhal vanthu vilinthiruche.. What does Valaruga gadiyaaram mean here...I truly love this song, but I don't really understand that part :(. Malayalam meaning and translation of the word "pinch" translation in english is not that great. !!!!! Thank you so much for the translation. @Abhishek Narayanan: well said !! Hi Vimalaji, Thanks for reading and your comment. A lever having a projection at one end, acting as a fulcrum, -- used chiefly to roll heavy wheels, etc. its more than soul stirring...Lyrics has complimented the music very wellVairamuthu sir U jst rock//Proud to be a TamilianSinduja Mariyappan _ Chennai. Pian; pang. PINCHED meaning in tamil, PINCHED pictures, PINCHED pronunciation, PINCHED translation,PINCHED definition are included in the result of PINCHED meaning in tamil at kitkatwords.com, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary. thankyouu soo much for posting these...now i could understand the feel of it n can even try and learn it.. Thankyou..:). Thanks for the translation,the song is beautiful and the language equally beautiful :). This track reciprocates the zeal and the charm of Tamil culture.. Some people in this small friendly and joyous act don´t leave pinching until the next replies with the expression “Thank You”. i m a bengali. Hi Iam vimala narayana reddy, I like sakthishree songs very much. Tamil Lexicon: Definition of "Pinch" Wiki Definition: Pinch; Google Search result: Google included this nenjukulle very much with pleasure. 'valathu kai kadiyaram' watch on the right hand '. was wondering wen did "kasa noi" become tuberclosis.. btw nyc try by de nlogger !! translation is very poor in this. The lyrics are as beautiful as the song.Thanks again! very poor. could you please say?? Thus, the words rhyme well in Tamil. its very beautiful. same feeling....voice of the female singer is really magical... same feeling.. its an wonderfull song... mindblowing voice.. same here. Hats off !pRoud to be Tamilian.. love this song.waiting for the telugu version. Few corrections:vella paarvai veesi vitteer munnadi - Threw an innocent look (correction in lyrics)thaangatha manasu kallu patta kannadi - My heart which couldn't bear it, is now a broken mirror by a pelted stone (correction in both lyrics & translation), kaasanoi is just like assthma or cold or some blocked nose - not cancer - puttru noi is cancer - but a good attempt to translate - well done, i must say...being tamilian is not everything to understand this beautiful song .....i just lost myself in this song's lyrics n d way d great musician AR Rehman gave composition to this song...is just awesome ....i love this song too much even though i m not a tamilain.....just listen it twice or thrice.....u by urself get d meaning of tamil lyrics, Tags: Nenjukulle lyrics meaning, nenjukule means, nenjukule song translation, kadal song, rahman, shaktrishree, kadal song lyrics, nenjukulle english translation, mtv unplugged nenjukkule, kadal songs, Monta Re (Lootera) Lyrics, Meaning, Translation, Nenjukulle (Kadal) Lyrics : Meaning and Translation, Zariya (Coke Studio at MTV Season 3) A R Rahman : Lyrics Meaning Translation, Naan Yen Piranthen : Lyrics, meaning, translation (A R Rahman on Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3), Titli (Chennai Express) : Lyrics, translation, meaning, Moongil Thottam (Kadal) : Lyrics, Meaning, Translation, Shubhaarambh (Kai Po Che) : Lyrics, Meaning and Translation, Tu Mun Shudi (Raanjhanaa) song lyrics : Meaning, translation, Jagao Mere Des Ko : Lyrics, meaning, translation : A R Rahman on Coke Studio @ MTV, Kun Faaya Kun [Rockstar] : Meaning and Lyrics, The Hunter Song Lyrics : Gangs of Wasseypur, Heer : Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Lyrics Meaning, Translation, Tamil verses in Chammak Challo [Ra One] Meaning, 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Kaasa Noi is Tuberculosis Putru Noi is Cancer, Kaasa Noi refers to Tuberculosis Putru Noi is Cancer. Ppl who love music and poetry wouldn be without listening to this song, From the moment i that have listened to this song, I was dying to know what the lyrics mean..as I am not familiar with TAMIL.. Your suggestions are very welcome. what a song????? She is describing the person 'vanna maniyaram' colorful dollar chain. Lern More About. Valla Maniyaram , Valaruga GediyaramI guess, here by "Valaruga Gediyaram" the lyricist is trying to say "let the Time grow or move on"...i dont think it is a watch in the right hand... correct me if i am wrong... Awemsome Mr.Mozart/.////////////. The song is composed based on the lyrics from an existing poem from Vairamuthu's collections.