The Taylor GS Mini-E (top left) pictured here as the Taylor GS Mini-E LTD Ovangkol Electro-Acoustic Guitar has a slightly different approach to the Martin LX1E or the successful Taylor Baby BBte (below). Close. Find the best companies in Music stores category: Seagull Guitars and Taylor Guitars, Seagull Guitars vs Ernie Ball Music Man, Taylor Guitars vs Gibson I picked up the seagull (about a 700$ guitar) and it sounded better than anything in its price range and it played better than a 1000$ martin that i was looking at. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. The idea here was to take a top of the range Taylor guitar and scale it down almost by means of a magical 'Photoshop' button. Compare Taylor Guitars and Seagull Guitars pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Taylor will get you an unbelievable playing experience AND an Ebony fretboard for under 1,000. i originally walked into the store wanting to buy a martin or a higher end Yamaha. ... (I now currently have a Martin HD35 you'd have to pry from my dead hands) the best value is in Seagull and Taylor at that price point. I was wondering if the $700-800 martins and taylor's which are the cheaper versions are better than the high end seagull and takamine's. i own a seagull performer flame maple. they have very good build quality and sound awesome. 5. Martin vs. Seagull. Archived.