If you expect to go into this moving 225 for reps, you'll be humbled quickly. The most common area of weakness I've seen come from hip flexor mobility restrictions. If you expect to start out with 225 pounds, you'll be set straight real quick. This movement is awesome for building shoulder and core strength, working shoulder hypertrophy, and improving mobility and strength of the hips. It's not always about lifting as much as you can "beast up" with poor form, and that's especially true with the Z Press. This will usually place the femur in a better place in the acetabular socket. BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting. If you find that you’re wavering and losing balance during the descend, then try to slow your tempo, as this can help clean up bar path. The Z Press doesn't need to take the place of regular pressing entirely. If you can't do that, you'll fail miserably at this exercise. Below you'll see me doing them with 165 pounds. Check out some of the below articles discussing creative ways to increase shoulder strength and health! Coach’s Tip: Struggling to get in position? Whether you decide to use a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells, the Z Press will surely help you gain upper body strength, stronger abs, and better overhead health. Proper overhead pressing mechanics will do wonders form scapular stability and upper trap development. It'll translate to a round back and an injurious pressing position. Need to jump higher? Next, attack the overhead press with the dumbbell military press. Set up the pins in the squat cage a couple of inches below shoulder level. Unilateral Z Presses has a lifter or athlete only using one limb during the press, rather than loading both hands. Here's something that will do just that. The Z Press is a press performed sitting flat on the floor. The core and hip musculature should be engaged, as the spine should remain as upright as possible when loaded. (Lifts in bodybuilding focus on what … CrossFit with guns, a supplement ingredient quiz (with prizes), and the delicious food that keeps you full for hours. Having good quality movement starts with knowing how to move. The views expressed on this site may come from individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the view of BarBend or any other organization. In addition however, the asymmetrical loaded variation does help to add quality load to both sides at once and can be extremely challenging on the nervous system and body awareness, necessary for heavier lifts using barbells, etc. In reality, nearly everyone can benefit from performing Z Press. It is important to note that depending on the variation selected (see below) some of the below benefits may be more drastic that if using another variation. It all comes down to whether or not you want to have a new window into your body's ability to move well and be mobile and strong, or whether you want to naively keep telling yourself you've got it all together. How to Master the Landmine Overhead Press, Build a Stronger Overhead Squat with Snatch Push Presses, 7 Bodybuilders to Watch At the 2020 Olympia 212 Pound Showdown, Powerlifter Heather Connor Deadlifts 192.5kg (424 Pounds) At Bodyweight of 44.5kg (99 Pounds), Powerlifter Julius Maddox Bench Presses 525 Pounds for 50 Total Reps, USA Weightlifting 2020 National Championships Will Be Virtual, Powerlifter Eric Lilliebridge Squats 3.6 Times His Bodyweight, The Best Barbells For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 12 Best Creatine Supplements on the Market. If you're a guy with shoulder issues and joint discomfort, this modification is for you. Don't attempt to sit on your butt. Similar to the normal overhead barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell press, the Z Press will require the upper back to be fully engaged when pressing while keeping the implement close to the body. Don't slouch. There are important components of having a floor drive and planted feet that the Z Press can't offer, and that's why you can lift more weight standing up. Attempt to sit on your hamstrings to make the low back stay tight. For example, if the hips are aching or tightening, then more than likely this is an area that requires a little extra work for Z Pressing with ease. The Z Press is a seated overhead press with dumbbells (or kettlebells/barbell) that targets the upper body pressing muscles, along with the core and hips. The core and hip musculature should be engaged, as the spin… Although, there are a few reasons we like the Z Press for these athlete, which are mentioned below! Add this exercise to your program now. Check it out. Try using a tennis ball on trigger points. Like most pressing movements, when done correctly using moderate weights to build muscle mass and increasingly heavier loads to increase strength, benefits are sure to be had. Try it using two dumbbells at the same time, or one at a time, or with one or two kettlebells. This movement isn't easy. Below are five common Z Press alternatives that can be done to vary programming up, challenge lifters, and more. Everything you ever wanted to know about your glutes… and more. And it delivers, every time. However, the Z press can be used as a tool to train for strength and mobility, along with overall health of your muscles and joints. Once you’ve locked out the weight overhead, you’ll bring down the press in a controlled that allows the core to remain upright through the whole range of motion. Here's coach Todd Bumgardner doing them: You'll also notice that Todd possesses the ability to keep a narrow foot position, which makes a smaller base and requires more oblique activity. The Z Press is a pressing variation that works the upper back, traps, shoulders, and core to facilitate better overhead mechanics, upper boy hypertrophy, and control. Even a couple of inches can make a huge difference in having a desirable start and finish position. You can also hold for pauses and add time to the set (see pause pull-ups below). De-stress and take the edge off without feeling drugged. Keep the heels and backs of the knees glued to the floor. World records, results, training, nutrition, breaking news, and more. You see the headline all the time: "The best exercise you're not doing." Let the grinders have their place, but focus just as much on quality of movement. For those experiencing this, try using dumbbells and working mobility longer in warm-ups. Whereas a standing press allows the legs to stabilize the trunk, especially via a wider base, the Z press is performed sitting flat on the floor. And if you don't have every one of those things in check, the lift will suffer. Therefore, the below muscle groups are highly targeted throughout Z Presses and the below variations. Similar to the overhead press, the upper back should be tight with the lats creating a strong shelf to press from.