This is the case with the ebooks and streaming video. Netflix (s NFLX), too, has separated itself from the medium by streaming videos to a variety of devices as opposed to delivering DVDs (the medium) and profited from it. These are some interesting comments that could use further articulation. Indeed. Ebooks are the medium. That is the real power, regardless of the medium. Joe also has Facebook network that includes friends; some of who he knows loves fly fishing. As interesting as it is. In other words medium might have a large impact on message., Fair point Om. In doing so, we often forget that the message is what’s important – not the medium that the message is delivered through. While I agree that the message survives changes in the medium there is much to be learned from the chosen medium. Was hoping I wouldn’t see facebooks awful commenting added to this site. Because mobile has become key component of this sociability. It replaces books, which replaced oratory stories. Blogging in 140 characters is very different than say writing a traditional blog post or sharing a photo. Again, the medium (the Kindle device) isn’t as important as the message (written word.). whoa you all dont understand how much you help out my company with this share, its huge with plenty of logic…look out for VBC guys. 1. I would simply add that an easy way to understand “the medium is the message”, on its most basic level, is to question ourselves on how the introduction of a new medium (read: technology) affects our society. Various other companies that suck are dead – Electus, Notional, American Idol, CBS Films… but the idea of blogging will never go away. They deny that matter was created by God and that matter has any design characteristics pointing to God. “Blogging” began listing and commenting on sites found on the web; pre-surfing/web-logging evolved into a platform or medium of expression as the listed material took on themes and the commenting grew more personal. On the light side, can’t think about your play on the “Medium is the message” without seeing this classic scene from Woody Allen: It’s true, we blog because we want to – it’s the act of sharing that matters – not the medium. To be fair, the medium has never been the message. This is fundamental change that validates the notion that the medium is the message. Or … we can take our exact message, participate actively all online fly fishing communities to get our story out. PR fails to understand that when the medium is the message, using the old medium methods creates a visceral reaction in readers that the organization doesn’t get it. Re-tribalization (without the negative connotation to tribal) where people will connect in the global village appears to be happening through social media. GigaOm Infographic: Connectivity and Customer Experience, How Industrial And Embedded Systems Providers Can Deliver Quality, Innovative Software, Selecting the Best in Enterprise Microservices and API Management, CIO Speaks – Episode 10: A Conversation with David Chou of Constellation Research. As I argued about this on Laporte’s show, I pointed out that the reason we often have misguided theories (such as blogging being on life support) is that we confuse the medium with the message. I agree with your statement: “When companies can’t really tell the difference between the medium and the message, they get in trouble.” It IS messy. Earlier this week, I got a chance to go on Leo Laporte’s It isn’t a news outlet. We’re at that point where “medium is the message” can be debunked because McLuhan’s predictions were a bit too future focused. According to them, matter has self-organizing ability–no need for the supernatural. It’s safe to say I Don’t live under a rock or have my head Buried in the sand. We know that FB as a medium covers a lot of folks but we hope our “message” will be strong enough to break through the clutter to our target. Borders had one simple problem — real estate and they were chasing barnes and noble. The message is the stories/arguments themselves. Maybe McLuhan had it figured out. How many Vcs, engineers and entrepreneurs are out there compared to non-Vcs, non-engineers and non-tech types. Of course medium has an impact on distribution of the message. There seems to be effects, as in the middle east, of social media in general regardless of content type – text, audio, animation, video etc. Your article is titled “Why the Medium is not the Message” but you weren’t referencing McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”? The message is always irrelevant because the individual has the free will to decipher the message into any context they choose. News Article not equal blogging, that’s just the mistake old media makes. It (blogging) isn’t a tool. Let me offer the singular dissenter voice as I do believe in this new “many to many” marketing world the medium and the message are in fact melding into a singularity of influence. Indeed, the MESSAGE is devoid of any value unless it reaches someone and is understood, which is the purpose of both storyteller and MEDIUM. Thanks Doug I came to make a similar point and I’m glad you did it first, I wouldn’t have been neither so extensive or clear.