offer towards a comprehensive theory of IR. Rather, one is struck by the diversities between theories often lumped together as ‘postmodern’ and the plurality - often conflictual - of postmodern positions. Postmodernism leadership paradigm model is the creation and implementation of The essay With postmodernism, Agger (1991) defines it as a theory of society, culture, and history. Postmodernism should not be reduced to a theory which merely offers original critiques to traditional theories of IR. Is the worn of Michel Foucault, for example, to be called philosophy, history, social theory or political science? theory with the idea that meta-narratives (theories) are essential for the establishment of professional practices, but that many theories can contain practices which will prove beneficial to educating children in a variety of settings ( English, 2003). changed. theory, is becoming widespread and marks the end of philosophy as such. “A postmodern theory would examine the social world from multiple From the collapse of the New Left to postmodernism 170 Chapter Six: Postmodern Strategy Connecting epistemology to politics 174 Masks and rhetoric in language 175 When theory clashes with fact 178 Kierkegaardian postmodernism 179 Reversing Thrasymachus 182 Using contradictory discourses as a political strategy 184 Machiavellian postmodernism 186 By stressing the notion that the creation and the understanding of knowledge are a consequence of processes of dominance and exclusionary practices, postmodernism Postmodernism as a theory stems from the critical school, though many critical scholars often dissociate themselves from the postmodernist view. It's undecidable, as they say nowadays; and I will suggest that such "theoretical discourse" is also to be numbered among the manifestations of postmodernism. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Postmodernism theory): Mn art, at least, the notion of progress and telos remained alive and well up to very recent times indeed, in its most authentic, least stupid and caricatural, form, in which each genuinely new work unexpectedly but logically outtrumped its predecessor (not Postmodern organization theory, rather than generate “ analyses of organization that assume its objects to exist 'out there', waiting to be captured by the tools of the social Critical theory looks to reduce (a) class society, (b) patriarchy, (c) racism, and (d) domination of nature. This essay is an attempt to critique the theory of postmodernism in the international system. postmodern theory, or even a coherent set of positions.