I've seen many people recommend Tung Oil and that's what I'm leaning toward, but I wanted to get a feel for what the rest of the community recommends. Stripper for Tung Oil on Walnut. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. The bad news is (and I could be wrong here) that tung oil … There’s no doubt that Homer Formsby put tung oil on the map in North America in the late 1960s, when he started marketing his special finish. I understand that the oil … Most any solvent (like lacquer thinner) will remove Tung Oil (if it's pure Tung oil). 3. It can be applied on decoration pieces by mixing it with mineral oil, but it should be used pure when applying it on food-safe items. Been trying to revive a vintage walnut stock of American walnut. I prefer an oil finish and despise polyurethane on stocks. OK if applied after 24 hours but if previous coat has had a week or more to oxidise then apply with wire wool to enhance bond and promote cure. Lost its purple tinge, too. So i'm working with some walnut and 100% tung oil. The good news about walnut, is that it will lighten with age. But not very fast… I made a walnut bed for my son and it was really too dark, but after about 10 years it had that fine golden look of mellow walnut. 5 days ago. Tung Oil was invented by Homer Formsby in 1965 (Formsby’s Tung Oil Finish). I first stripped it with Zip Strip, wiped thoroughly with mineral spirits. Raw walnut oil, like linseed oil and tung oil, possesses a fairly long drying time, so it’s not uncommon for walnut oil to be cut with mineral spirits (boiling) or heated (polymerized) to speed up the time it takes for the oil to cure. I used a Minwax tung oil on a walnut table base I made recently and really like the 'simple' finish to keep the wood looking natural. Tung oil will sit on a previous coating even if the previous coating was tung oil. I wanted to see if anyone has a better tung oil to recommend and I have even heard about mixing it with linseed oil. European readers may be familiar with this finish that is often used by French woodworkers. Nope. Tung oil has been around for thousands of years. Walnut oil. Walnut oil, like mineral oil, is often used on cutting boards and kitchen utensils due to it’s food-safe properties. Steamed out dents with an iron and wet washcloth. I'm on my 2nd coat and really love the look of it when it has a nice film of oil before it's wiped and dried. I was wondering if you can finish over tung oil with 2 part epoxy as it gives the look i'm looking for.