Save these tomato soup recipes for later by pinning this image, and follow Country Living on Pinterest for more. Try this special and unique soup recipe today; There's something about having soups in winters that feels just right. Eatwell 101. Add mayonnaise, Worcestershire, and … Dissolve unflavored gelatin in 1/2 cup water and add it to soup mixture. The soup is covered and steamed for 10 minutes, then the tomato cubes are added and everything is pureed. There are so many comforting and nourishing winter soups out there - from the classic tomato to a unique broccoli soup… This healthy tomato soup recipe is a blend of two Tuscan classics, pappa al pomodoro (a hearty bread-thickened tomato soup) and acquacotta (which translates as “cooked water,” and is a soup made with tomatoes, greens and a poached egg, served over bread). Get the recipe … Now the vegetable soup is poured on. Just a sip of the piping hot broth goes straight to your soul. Heat tomato soup to boiling. Add cream cheese and whisk to melt and blend. Pack protein into your next batch of soup with this unique paleo and Whole30-friendly recipe. This easy vegetable soup … Finally, the cream cheese is folded in, the herb leaves are plucked from the stems, finely chopped and stirred into the soup. tomato soup with freekeh Freekeh is a young, green, whole wheat grain. 2 of 18. After it is harvested, and while the seeds are still soft, freekeh goes in a process of roasting and rubbing, which gives it a unique flavor.