The Wachusett Reservoir is open daily from sunrise to sunset. I usually start fishing it in late October right through the end of November. Discover what species are most popular in Wachusett Reservoir, and what gear has been used. Unlike most local fisheries, the colder the water gets, the better the fishing becomes. Wachusett Reservoir closes for the season on November 30 providing there isn’t any ice on the lake. Don’t worry, that still leaves you with more fishing holes than you can hope to cover in a day. Here are some locations where you will find these drop off canisters. We would also like to thank the carpenters that built these! Not only does this 65-billion gallon body of water supply our state with a vital resource, it’s also home to 37-miles of shoreline to stroll upon. Tight lines everyone. Lake trout are a cold-water fish, and because of this they spend the summers in the deep water below the thermocline. View our Wachusett Reservoir fishing map for more info. Because it is the primary water supply for Boston, there is no boating, wading, or ice-fishing allowed, but approximately 80% of the 37-mile shoreline is open to angling from early April through November 30 (dependent on ice conditions). Wachusett Reservoir is an incredible freshwater fishing resource for the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Be cautious of what you leave behind and help out the future of Wachusett Reservoir. There are several locations around the reservoir where you can park your car near the access gates. Before you head out for Wachusett Reservoir, we recommend you check the local rules and regulations. Thank you Jillian Whitney for helping set up some Lead and Fishing line recycling drop off canisters around Wachusett Reservoir. It is not possible to fish outside of the fishing season. There are plenty of nature spots in the Bay State to take a stroll, but next time you’re looking for somewhere new, be sure to head to Wachusett Reservoir. The reservoir has plenty of access points for angling, but you should know that the upper reaches of the lake are off-limits for fishing. There are also hiking and biking trails in the area. Fishing at Wachusett Reservoir?