She has also managed her own food blog, where she has written about her own cooking and family experiences. Through it all, the goal has been to present an image of Betty Crocker to which modern women can related, an image that recalls the promise of thoroughly tested products and up-to-date recipes. That rich hertiage and culinary knowledge lives on in our commitment to celebrate the Betty in all of us — by sharing our passion for food, valuable test-kitchen wisdom and lifestyle expertise — straight from our kitchen to yours. The name Betty was selected because it was an all-American name, and Crocker was the last name of the company’s director. Betty was chosen simply as a friendly-sounding name. Betty Crocker packaged cake mixes were introduced in 1947 with Ginger Cake, the precursor of today’s Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake. In addition to her work for General Mills, Jennifer has also worked in the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchens as a test kitchen nutrition specialist where she developed and tested recipes for all publications, with an emphasis on health titles. She develops and tests recipes, brainstorms new ideas and consults for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and other various General Mills brands, as well as a handful of the company’s published cookbooks. Betty’s popularity isn’t confined to her “birth” country, the United States. Prior to her work at General Mills, she studied in the culinary arts program at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota. Maria Ingalls is a recipe project check testing consultant in the Kitchens of General Mills where she tests and edits final recipes for accuracy before publishing for various General Mills brands—from cakes on Betty Crocker to crescent roll appetizers for Pillsbury, no day in the kitchen is the same! Home cooks have come to rely on Betty for her helpfulness, trustworthiness and quality. Small kitchen household appliances (toasters, blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers, rice cookers, etc.) Believe it or not, the first food product with the Betty Crocker name was dried soup mix, introduced in 1942. Washburn-Crosby started marketing flour labeled “Betty Crocker” in 1921. Though she is the resident dinner expert, she’ll occasionally bake a key lime pie or pumpkin bars (the only two desserts she truly enjoys). It could be said that Betty Crocker is the personification of General Mills’ commitment to consumer service and product quality. Mary Kaye also has five years experience as a senior technician in research and development working with new product development and consumer testing for Pillsbury™ refrigerated products. She serves as the face—and voice—of the cookbooks in nationwide interviews and articles. It takes a team of professional chefs and bakers, editors and many others to make the rich resource it is today. With user-friendly features and stunning design, Formula Brands products won’t just toast bread or brew coffee; they’ll serve as focal points for the aesthetic of your customer’s entire kitchen. Additionally, Mike has experience in wellness content development for several health service providers. She has three grown boys and has enjoyed cooking on a large scale to satisfy three big appetites. The Washburn Crosby Company, a flour milling concern and largest predecessor of General Mills, Inc., received thousands of responses and a flood of questions about baking. Tortilla chips! She has also served as the first writer for and the editor of “Creative Recipes” cooking magazines as well as editor and food editor for several cookbooks before becoming executive editor for all cookbooks at General Mills. How long does it take to cook a 23 pound turkey in an oven? Cathy has a BS degree from Purdue University in Food and Nutrition in Business, and Food Science, making her ideally suited to her responsibilities overseeing all aspects of cookbook development. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Each station had its own Betty Crocker voice, reading scripts written at the Home Service Department in Minneapolis. From cooking fundamentals to clever shortcuts made possible thanks to her dependable products, Betty continues to inspire home cooks across the world. She was the CEO of the International Association of Culinary Professionals for four years until she left to spend more time cooking and less time budgeting. Cathy Swanson Wheaton is the executive editor for all Betty Crocker and Pillsbury cookbooks. Mike Shannon is a recipe development consultant and culinary event leader in the Kitchens of General Mills. By the early 1940s, surveys showed that the name Betty Crocker was known to nine out of ten American homemakers. Cathy shepherds each cookbook project through the publishing process, from start to finish—including creating new recipe ideas, directing recipe creation in the Betty Crocker Kitchens and much more. Mike is a classically trained chef with a degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu-Minneapolis and has over 30 years of leadership experience and more than 11 years of culinary experience focused in recipe development and consumer-level culinary instruction. General Mills, Inc., is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. In addition, Mary Kaye has worked on eight Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contests testing recipes. Thank you for using your voice on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to nudge your favorite brands. She brings a “busy mom of four” perspective to her approach and feels that mealtime is vital and important for families, despite the busy weeknight struggle. Who owns the company Betty Crocker? Betty’s products are specially adapted for the baking style and culture of each country. When she isn’t in the kitchen inventing new sweets, she is training for her next marathon (26 so far! Just as food preferences, cooking methods and consumer interests have changed dramatically over the years, so has Betty Crocker. Culinary tools (pizza cutters, rolling pins, spatulas, scissors, knives, serving spoons, can openers… Jennifer has worked with the Kitchens of General Mills for 15 years. She completed an externship at a local farm-to-table restaurant, Lucia’s, then worked for a local cooking school, Cooks of Crocus Hill, teaching cooking classes, managing one of the schools and writing for their former quarterly print publication, Q.