We grew most of our food in these containers. My Barberton Daisy plants just love the Epson salt water. Read our privacy policy. Although sulfur isn’t a common deficiency found in American garden soil, a magnesium deficiency could spell the end of your tomato plants. , We fill our deep sunken bath with hot water, then add one cup of Epsom Salts, plus one tablespoon of bicarb, then relax in luxury for up to thirty minutes. I have had an issue with blossom end rot in past seasons and don’t want to risk making it worse. This post contains affiliate links. Epsom salt does not contain calcium (source: North Dakota State University). Epsom Salt for Potted Tomatoes. The shells are said to add a boost of calcium, while the banana peels release nitrogen and potassium. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep in mind that tomato types vary, and their flavors differ with them. The only way to know if your soil is deficient in magnesium is to have a soil test done. Check out her own blog at bewrit.com and follow her on Twitter @be_writ to stay updated. So glad you’re having success with it! The Epsom Salt Myth: article by North Dakota State University. I also sprinkle 1 cup Epson salt and 1 cup coarse salt around my citrus trees every 6 months and I have beautiful fruit. I’ve never used Epsom salts in my garden, and although I keep intending too, I’ve backed off because I didn’t feel I had enough information about the pros & cons. Containers? These micronutrients are vital for photosynthesis, protein synthesis, and cell wall structure. Tomato plants? Vegetables benefit from magnesium in a number of ways, but the problem is that plant roots don’t suck in magnesium as they do other minerals—like potassium or calcium—even if the soil levels are perfect. I first dig my hole to the desired depth. Growing tomatoes is often a labor of love, and many gardeners swear by their own tried and true methods for growing the best tomatoes. I know we have had no transplant shock to our plants, and see growth in the first week. Sun sugar – Popular and sweet cherry tomatoes. As an added benefit, you now have a helpful tidbit to share if you ever find yourself discussing vegetable gardening with a new group of friends. It also contains sulfate, and these minerals are why gardeners recommend it to help the growth and health of tomato plants. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in 1 gallon of water. There are some claims that Epsom salt is a deterrent for some garden pests like beetles and can kill slugs. Use Epsom Salt to boosts up your tomato yield and maintain plants leafy and bushy in late-season. You can also create an Epsom salt spray using the same recipe, and use a spray bottle to apply the solution directly onto the plants. Absence of either magnesium or sulfur in the soil can cause tomato plants to reduce in size, leading their leaves to gradually turn yellow between leaf veins late in the season, and causing the fruits to become slow in maturing and ripening. Combine these ingredients together thoroughly and place the mixture in a spray bottle. As already discussed, Epsom salt does contain 2 micronutrients but note that they are micro-nutrients. Tomatoes and Epsom Salt Insect Control – Sprinkle Epsom salt around tomato plants every couple of weeks, recommends one gardening site. Thank you! Tomato ‘trees’ thrive on this mixture!~. You may have heard you should plant your tomatoes with eggshells, banana peels, and/or Epsom salts. Hello. If you want to use it as part of a homemade fertilizer, then that makes a lot of sense. Dig your planting hole and place a single tablespoon of Epsom salt in the bottom. Many gardeners also recommend applying Epsom salt to tomato plants for its amazing benefits to vigor, health, and flavor of the tomatoes. If the yellowing leaves are due to a magnesium deficiency, then Epsom salt may help your plants green up. Later, when the water has cooled, we pipe it down to our orchard and give each of our 100+ citrus trees a half-bucket each. But the best part is that this type of salt is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easily found. Blossom end rot is a stress-induced disorder that affects tomato fruit. Apply the substance at a rate of about a tablespoon (15 mL.) Once the fruit starts to set on well, I no longer add the Epsom salts. Additionally, too much Epsom in the soil will drain water from the plant cells. Just keep in mind that Epsom salt won’t always work as you may think. Great ideas. This is the only time I allow the leaves to get wet, unless it rains. No. Please give me measurements for making watering solution for my tomatoes. How nice to grow up eating juicy fresh fruit from your yard! But sometimes it’s just variety specific. Hi, Paolo! Otherwise, it’s not necessary. Epsom salt is no longer only used in the bathroom to help you relax sore muscles: it’s incredibly beneficial for the garden as well. Quite simply, the more acidic tomatoes typically have a lower sugar level. Clemson University provides this excellent explanation for this phenomenon: Thanks, Michelle! Hopefully this technique will help your next tomato crop flourish into healthy, sweet fruits. I accept that suburban living restricts this kind of large scale project… but I’m concerned whenever I read that folk are using BPA-laced plastic containers, or chemically-treated wooden containers, to grow food.