"It is a medium-sized sandpiper (length about 28 cm, mass about 100 … During breeding … Not that many years ago, it was called the Common Snipe and was considered a race of the Common Snipe seen in Eurasia. The summer breeding range for Wilson’s snipe extends from the mountains of northern New Mexico to the tundra of Alaska and Canada. Most eastern Washington snipes are short distance … … Features: A medium-size shorebird, it is stocky with brown and buff coloration.The long, thin bill is a distinguishing feature. A number of snipe … In eastern Washington, Wilson's Snipe is a common breeding bird and may be found at all elevations where there is appropriate wetland habitat. Habitats: As a shorebird, the The Wilson's Snipe is an upland game bird seen in North America. Plump, camouflaged shorebird that blends into wet meadows and marshy areas. The birds are usually found in wet meadows, be it irrigated hayfields, montane meadows, boreal bogs, or wet muskeg. The usual view of the Wilson's Snipe is as it flushes from grass or sedges, escaping in rapid, zigzag flight while uttering a rasping "scaipe. Similar in shape to American Woodcock but much darker, with brown markings on underparts and striped face.